Aug 2, 2011

Chapter Two - Drinking and Driving

Zed was chasing animals through the forest. He was big and mighty, scaring away all the puny animals like a jungle god. He roared his disapproval at them running away and not taking their punishment like the filth they were. The women of the jungle came to him and rolled at his feet for forgiveness, blissed out by the ecstasy of his power. Then all of them disappeared and only one remained. She spoke his name over and over. Then she screamed his name and slapped him across the face.

The slap startled Zed. He opened his eyes and his hand automagically put the bottle of vodka to his lips. He swallowed the drink and took a hold of his surroundings. He was in his car. That was good. There was a girl screaming at him and pointing ahead. That was bad. Sleepily, he put the car in gear and sped forward.

Then he remembered the slap.

He saw the girl in his rear view mirror. She was picking up something red from the ground. He put the car in reverse, aimed it at her and put his foot to the accelerator.

The race was in full flow and Zed was slowly and horribly realizing that he might not win this one. But he knew how to make sure that none of the others won too. The GPS on his dash showed him the other cars heading towards a green blinking light. He studied the layout of the city. It was a new place. He must have been drunk when his bosses signed him up and dropped him here. But then, when was he not drunk. He took another swallow of the vodka and passed the last car in the race. He saw the driver's window was open. The driver saw him and raised his middle fingers to him. Zed smashed the vodka bottle on his steering wheel and threw the jagged bottleneck through the other car's window. The car swerved and crashed into the side of the road. Zed waited for the blooming rose of a fireball but nothing happened.

He took a new bottle of vodka from the dashboard bar and bit the cap open. The liquor burned down his throat and the needle of speedometer shot up. Other cars were in his view now. And they were quite some distance away. This was going to be as close as it would get and he might lose the first race in his 25 year racing career.


(Oh, and don't drink and drive. Not cool.)

Edit- Thanks Kris!