Oct 25, 2016

The Lost Book

Jester pushed the book away from his face. Lisa looked at him like he was some kind of alien piece of shit. Which was not far from truth, but what of it?

“You want to know why I don't read books?”

“Enlighten me.”

“Because books are full of useless imagined things of others and real life is much weirder than anything, anyone can imagine. Every time you bury your nose in a book, you're peeling yourself away from reality and living in a make-believe world that doesn't do anyone any good except the people who are making money off the books that you're reading. You're not even creating your own world, you're living in someone else's borrowed and diseased imagination that is created by tropes and formulas to make you feel at home, to make you feel things that can be hundred times magnified but you choose to ignore that. You choose to ignore your life and your purpose, and keep reading book after book after book because real life, is fucking terrible in all its beauty.”

Then Jester did something horrible. He took the book from Lisa's hand and threw it away as hard as it could.

Lisa's eyes went wide and lower lip quivered.

“That was extremely rude of you, Mr. J. I wish I could unhear those words but they'll stay with me till the day I die.”

Jester simply rolled his eyes. “It's just books, why'd get your emotions in a tangle over a bunch of words on paper.”

“Because to some of us, those words are life!”

“Life? Life is not in the books! Life is outside the books! You're living second hand through the books. Burn your books today and get out of the house and do non book things! Live, for fuck's sake!”

“I don't believe a single word you say. You're not going to convince me to whatever is on your mind. I need my books and I am going to get them one way or the other. Once the Mongrifier gets the card from that perverted man, I'll be on my way and we'll never see each other again.”

“Who the hell said I wanted to see you again, you deluded woman.”

“Oh, you would when one day you need to read a book and there is no one you know who'd tell you the right book to read. You'll be crawling on your knees to the steps of my library and I'd tell you to shut the fuck up and crawl back to whichever hole you dropped from.”

Jester was about to retort when the air behind Lisa blurred and the large form of the Mongrifier emerged from the blurring air. 

“Ah, I see the puppy is back.” Jester smiled at the shape.

Oct 23, 2016

Would You Still Love Me

The steel door opened just a wink and the Mongrifier was upon the door in a flash. From the semblance of sleep to a lightening quick blur, he was inside the door climbing over the prone form of whoever had dared to open the door. The corridor inside was dimly lit and it stank of stale beer and piss. The Mongrifier was not used to the smells and he wanted to be out of there as soon as possible. But the overpowering stink of the man was there too. He was there to get that man.

The low corridor lead to another door that he simply pushed open. It opened into a large, dimly lit room where tables were placed at random. Somewhere in the room, some music was playing and the soft murmur of illegal conversations swam in the smoky air like bad memories.

Mongrifier focused on the stench of the man they called Kosmos. He slowly walked through the room, the people didn't give him much notice, they were too lost in their miseries to notice the wolf beast walking through them. The man though noticed the presence of the Mongrifier.

He turned around on his stool and looked at the Mongrifier right in the eyes.

“Hey, puppy, I've got a job for you.” The man flashed his black card and he became a blurred thing in front of the Mongrifier's eyes. His voice boomed in his ears and the words sounded sweet like honey and lover's sighs.

“You need to go back and kill the grey man. He's giving me a bit of a bother. Oh, and while you're at it, bring me my bag of knives from the girl. If she resists, off her too.”

Something about the orders sounded weird to the Mongrifier, but the voice was so convincing he just had to do what it said. He turned around and walked back the way he had come.

Mr. Kosmos ordered another beer and sipped it slow and cool like a villain. He was turning out to be one and he liked it a lot.

Jester sat with Lisa and listened to her talk about books. She was a reader and he felt that no matter how many books she'd read, she was boring as fuck. But they were here and there was nothing to do but wait so he pretended to listen and hmm and haww at the right moments. Maybe I should just kill her right here and right now and no one would know. He thought about the wolf thing, and felt he could take care of it too.

Long shot. He'd have trouble finding the black card without these two. His experience with shifting time lines was not so good. It made him sick as fuck and he felt horrible for months. He was locked into this and he didn't feel too good about it.

She was talking about long books and characters that meant little to him. She just could not fathom that the man might not be interested in her jabbering about the things she was interested in. He took out the knife from his sleeve and started to dig through his nails. She didn't take the hint and kept on talking. Then she took out a book from her bag and started to flip through the pages.

She pushed the page in Jester's face and he had to push it away a bit to see what was on the page.

It was then that Jester realized that he didn't know how to read.

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Sep 7, 2016

Hunters and Killers

The Mongrifier stopped and sniffed the air. In his mind, the air stank of ignorance, anger and bad decisions. It bugged him to no end. But all around him was an empty field where small shrubs grew and the ground was flat as far as his enhanced eyesight could see. The man and the girl were somewhere behind him, still chasing while he had followed the scent to this place.

The stench of that man's ignorance was strong here. It came to him in pulses, as if from a carcass. But there was nothing here! The Mongrifier focused all his senses. Maybe the stench was not coming from a here, but from a when. But when? When could go in both future or the past, if the when was not now.

Decisions, decisions.

His gut feeling told him to seek in the future and the Mongrifier blurred from where he was standing. The world around him became clearer, more present, more there as he found himself staring at the steel door of a back alley staircase. He padded up to the door and nudged it. It opened outwards, and he'd have to wait for someone to come out before he could go in. The stench was stronger here. He was close to his prey. The Mongrifier curled up around himself and closed his eyes. He looked asleep to any casual observer, but he was tense as a guitar string and ready to pounce the first moment he saw some activity.

Lisa walked with Jester to the spot where they'd last seen the Mongrifier. A faint smell of old books hung in the air, but other than that the place looked sad and totally normal.

“I can swear he was just here a minute ago. Where could he have gone? Should I call out to him?”

Jester bent down to the ground and picked up some dirt and sniffed it. Timestream residue. He'd only heard about such a thing, but he knew what it smelled like. And this was definitely it. The smell of old books.

“Your puppy dog, it seems has slipped through the time streams. He's not here. Or better put, he is not in the now.”

“But then where could he be? I am worried about him, Mr. Jester.”

“My guess is, either he is in the future or the past, or maybe he is in some timeline that runs parallel to our world. But here, he is not.”

“What do you suggest we should do now?”

“We can wait and maybe you can answer some questions I have.”

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Aug 26, 2016

Reasons Are For Peasants

Jester picked up one of the knives from the bag. It seemed sharp and dangerous enough to do the things he had in mind. He slipped the knife in the sleeve of his shirt, the metal felt cool against his skin and he felt assured that the next time the dog thing looked at him sideways, he was going to slice the jugular out of the beast. And then he'd skin the girl and wear her face for his next mission. Wherever it took him. So, yes. The knife was going to play a crucial role in his plans.

Mongrifier was not comfortable in this timeline. First, there was the grey man. His energies were off the charts, and he stank like a carcass of a man who'd never read a book in his life. Filthy offal that the Mongrifier would never sink his teeth in. The girl on the other hand was alright. She was a reader. And she smelled of old books, so delicious and serene that the thought alone made the Mongrifier's mouth fill up with saliva. He needed her help to get back to his timeline. So he'd eat her when the time was right and he was going to take his time in ripping chunks of bookish flesh from her bones, and then he'd chomp down on the bones till his gums bled.

Lisa somehow felt she belonged for the first time in her life. She had always been the outsider, but with the wolf-beast things and the nice man with the dazzling smile, she felt she was among her people. Now all that remained was to track down the fat pervert, and get her bag of books back. He'd run away, as Mr. Jester told her, but they had the wolf-beast with them and tracking him would not be too difficult.

The trio walked out of the motel, led by the Mongrifier. Each with their own motive in their minds. But one goal, for now. To find the man called Mr. Kosmos and get his black card and bag of books.


Mr. Kosmos placed the card on the table. "One beer, please."

The barkeep took one look at the card, something irked his mind and he wanted to protest, but the man wanted a beer. He filled a mug from the tap on the counter and placed it on a paper napkin in front of the man. He kept wanting to ask the man for money, but when he looked at the card on the counter, the thought fled like a rabbit chased by a fox. He smiled uneasily at the fat man who'd swallowed the beer like a man lost in the desert.

"Another one," he said and belched loud. The barkeep filled another mug while confusing thoughts fought for control in his head.

After the third beer, thoughts started to coalesce in Mr. Kosmos' head like a jigsaw puzzle slowly coming together on its own. He knew there were two people and one demon on his trail and he had to find his mother, too. Too much on my plate, he thought and wiped the sweat on his head with his hand. He needed help on this. He'd not be able to pull this alone. He dreaded the option that was staring him in the face. He'd have to make the call. He was going to hate it, he was going to hate what came next, but his options were limited and his time, he felt, was running out.

"Can I have your phone, please?" he asked the barkeep.

"Sure, man." The barkeep took out his phone from his pocket and put it in front of Mr. Kosmos.

"Thanks, buddy. What's the pin?" Mr. Kosmos said as he picked the phone and hit lock button. The barkeep rattled off a number and Mr. Kosmos unlocked the phone.

He thought for a second and then dialed the number from memory. The phone rang thrice and he was about to put down the phone when the ringing stopped and a gruff, tired voice said "Hello" at the other end. The tone of voice made his legs turn to jelly and he was glad he was sitting on the stool.

"Hi, dad. It's me. I need your help."


Chapter 12, so it goes. When things fuck up, call dad. 

Aug 17, 2016

Strange Bedfellows

A strange hush fell over the room like a dark shroud. The Mongrifier sulked in a corner, licking his wounds while the man knows as Jester tore off a piece of bed-sheet to tie on a horrible looking slash on his forearm. The girl walked into the room and sat on the only chair that had somehow survived the fight between the two.

“Hello,” she said to the Mongrifier, “nice to see you outside of my dreams.” The Mongrifier hissed at her. “And you, sir? Who'd you be.”

Jester tied off a trailing end of his makeshift bandage and glared at her. He knew that in a few more moments he'd have sliced off the animal bad enough for it to bleed to death, but the girl's presence had acted as a damper on the atmosphere in the room.

“Name is Jester. At your service. For now.”

“Well, Mr. Jester. I believe the man who escaped from this room has something that all of us want. He has some books that belong to me.”

“I need to take back a black card that's in his possession,” Jester said.

The Mongrifier growled a low growl.

“You haven't told us your name.”

“I am Lisa. I had a disagreement with the gentleman in question some time ago and he proceeded to leave with a bag of very important books that belonged to me. He left me his bag that I brought with me to return to him, but now he's gone and so are my books.”

“How did you find him here?”

“Let's say, my connection with the books is very strong. And I had also left my spare phone in the bag that allowed me to track it to this very motel.”

“Can I see the man's bag? Maybe I can find some clue to his whereabouts that you might have missed.”

“As long as we're all going in the same direction, be my guest.”

She walked out of the room and came back with a bag that was neat and very very black. The vibes from the bag set Jester's teeth on edge and it also made him deathly curious about the bag's contents. He attacked the bag like a fat boy attacks cake on a birthday party.

Lisa walked up to the Mongrifier with a cloth and some water in a bowl and started to clean his wounds. The big animal snarled at her but once he realized that she was trying to help him, he let her clean the stab and slash wounds.

From the other side of the room, she heard Jester start to laugh. Laughter bubbled up from his throat to his mouth like lava and filled the small room with the mirthful sound that seemed as alien as a prayer in a whorehouse.

“Knives! Fucking knives! This fucking bag is full of fucking knives! Oh my fucking god! Just look at these babies!” He laughed and laughed as he took the knives from the bag and started laying them down on the carpet in perfect symmetry. He touched them with an affection and reverence that made Lisa doubt her decision of showing him the bag.

“Miss Lisa,” he looked at her, “I am going to help you find that man and we're going to get the bag of your books back from him and then we're going to send that puppy back to where it came from.”

Lisa scratched the Mongrifier behind his ears as the big animal leaned into her hand and she smiled an uneasy smile at Jester.

The truck was parked on top of the hill overlooking the city. Its headlights shone bright over the darkness like twin eyes of a demon from hell. The woman sat in front of the truck and opened the bag. She took out a hardbound book and opened it.

“Well, Mr. Kibbles,” she said, “it's time I read you your bedtime story.”

Mr. Kibbles yawned like the devil and snuggled closer to the woman to listen to the story.

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