Aug 17, 2011

Chapter 17 -- Questions and Answers

 The little girl in the frock sat cross-legged on the hood of the car, waiting for the Zed to ask her questions.

"You better ask me something soon, or I'll have to kill your ride and eat you," she said with a sad tone in her voice.

"I have a question," Zed said, "what's big, ugly and about to smash you to bits?"

The girl beamed, "I know the answer, its Krazkaf!"

Zed grinned at the her, threw the car in reverse and pushed the accelerator as Krazkaf's fell down on girl's head like ten ton brick. The hammer nearly scraped Zed's car and he barely escaped its corrosive touch. But the girl was as fast as Zed's car. She had looked up the exact moment that Krazkaf threw his hammer at her, and now the hammer was stuck in her mouth that had expanded to gigantic proportions to take in the hammer.

Krazkaf jumped in the water-less cube of the river and his hand latched on to his hammer. He tried to pull it back, but it was stuck in the girl's mouth.

"Fine, bitch, pay the price for taking the hammer."

He swung the hammer with the girl still attached to it and slammed it into the wall of the river. But the girl was still chomped tight onto the hammer. Then she took a bite from the head of the hammer and Krazkaf was left with the handle of the hammer in his hand.

He swore loudly as the girl swallowed his hammer.

"Ask me a question, Krazkaf if you want to pass."

"Who's going to kill Zed once he gets out of a water-less hole?"

"Not you."

Her mouth opened even wider and she jumped at Krazkaf, trying to swallow him whole, but he dived out of the way and in a smooth motion hurled a rope out of the cube. The rope attached itself to something on the river's bank and Krazkaf was whisked away in a snap. The little girl roared in anger and frustration at missing two of the racers in such a short time.

Just then, Zed's car came speeding at her and caught her unaware. Zed turned the steering wheel and the car was on the side of the river, climbing out of the water slowly.

"No! Not out of the river!" the girl screamed over the noise of the engine, but Zed had all the windows closed. The moment wheels of Zed's car hit the dry river bank, the girl exploded in a shower of million bright colors.

And Zed was treated to another brilliant sight. Krazkaf was sitting on his tank, engrossed in a raging battle with a bulbous worm that shot spikes at the tank. A grin slowly started to spread on Zed's face when something struck his car from behind and he ended face first into the steering wheel.

He looked in the rear view mirror and saw a mouth full of big, sharp teeth grin back at him.

"Shit in a box!"

He pressed the accelerator but the car didn't move. The owner of the big, sharp toothed grin had lifted the back wheels of the car above the ground. He heard a thump on the roof of the car and a white spear pierced through the roof of the car and embedded itself in the passenger seat.  


More fighting, more racing! 


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