Aug 4, 2011

Chapter 4 - Bike In A Car Race

Wolf knew Zed was in the race. He had seen the idiot sleeping at the wheel at the start of the race. He knew he'd have to finish the race soon because Zed got good at the wheel the drunker he got. Wolf turned the rear view mirror towards himself and checked his hair for the 100th time in the day. He rubbed off an imaginary spot from his head and smoothed his hairstyle. When he returned the rear view mirror to its position, he saw a familiar black car in the mirror and a fireball blooming like a rose behind the black car.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he slammed the steering wheel with every exclamation.

He turned the car hard at the next bend and nearly turned turtle. Fear was fucking up his driving and that made him angry. He looked in the rear view mirror to see how far Zed was and saw a biker overtaking Zed's car and come straight at him.

"Who the fuck brings a bike in a car race?" he spoke to no one at all.

The biker brought the bike right next to his car and pointed a barrel shaped device at him. Wolf saw the pointy end of the device glow an angry green.

"Shit on this." he flipped a middle finger at the biker and hit nitro. The red car became a blur on the road and a green cloud of rays burst through the biker's device. The rays left a hole in the ground where Wolf's car was supposed to be.

Zed came speeding after Wolf's car and saw the road disappear in form of a hole right where he was headed. It reminded him of cartoons from a dead generation. He was cool and calm, he knew how to deal with such situations. He had seen it in many movies.

He saw the left edge of road where the bike's wheels had been. He twisted the steering wheel to left with a jerk and got the car balanced on two left wheels. He took another pull on the vodka bottle and moved the car from above the hole, balanced just on the edge of the road. Once clear he brought the car back on four wheels, gentle as a feather, at least he thought so. He saw the biker chase Wolf's car and followed them. Zed checked the GPS, the finish line was closer now and Wolf's car was inching its way towards the finish line with a determined pace. He took a deep breath. This was turning out to be the emergency he has never wanted to face. He'd rather die than lose a race. And the latter was not an option for him. A shiver ran down his spine as he lifted the lid off the button marked PAIN.


Next Chapter -- BRING THE PAIN

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