Aug 25, 2011

Chapter 25 – From The Frying Pan

The car lurched as another of the threads came free from its hold on the mountain. There were only three threads holding the weight of Zed's car and Baxron sliced faster through the third thread.

Inside the car, Zed hand rippled like it was trapped in a haze of heat waves riding from a road in a desert. He took a breath and grabbed the handle of the sword.

A :) appeared on the LED panel in the side of the sword and a new voice cleared its throat in Zed's head.

Owwww,” he screamed, “turn down the fucking volume.”

Sorry,” Quicksilver's voice said without a trace of remorse.

What the fuck is this? Is my head a free boarding house for voices?

You're out of your league Zed and you need help. So take what you're getting and count your blessings.”

Yeah, yeah, talk later, first get me out of this. That asshole is chopping the threads that are holding us and if we drop its goodbye to everything.”

Start the car. Let's scoot before he has a chance to drop us.”

Zed put the sword back in the passenger seat and then he wrapped the seatbelt around it. He clicked in his own seatbelt too. Something he had not done for quite some time. He keyed the ignition and put the car in gear. His hand was red from holding the sword. It looked like a tattoo on his palm

Baxron looked at Zed, his face red with the effort of slicing the last thread. He waved a bye-bye to Zed and got a middle finger in return. The last thread snapped under the weight of the car and Zed fell from his view.

First Zed felt weightlessness and he loosened his jaw to wait for the bump. Many racers had bit off their own tongues or jarred their teeth after a bump. He was a pro.

The car, still stuck to the web, hit the side of the mountain and stayed there. Zed slowly moved the car forward so that it swung like a pendulum from the side of the mountain. At the height of the arc, he switched to reverse gear and the car moved back the way it had came. The web went taut, stretching to the point of breaking. Zed knew he didn't have much time, at the top of the backward arc, he switch gears and the car sped forward like an arrow from a bow. There was a pool of water at the bottom of the mountain and the car splashed into the pool, going under the surface. But no water entered the car. It just spread apart, leaving a cube of void the size of the car.

Oh fucking no,” Zed said.

The girl in a frock with a teddy in her hand was sitting on the hood of his car. “Ask me a question or I'll eat you.” She opened her mouth wide and every sharp teeth illustrated her point.