Aug 28, 2011

Chapter 28 – The Labyrinth

The black hole of the labyrinth gaped in front of Zed and Krazkaf. The wounds on his hands had sealed themselves and now the blood was not flowing from the stumps.

"I really thought you were going to bleed to death back there," Zed said.

"You care? You meant to kill me, didn't you?" Krazkaf replied.

"I just wanted you to go away. But the sword and this place are doing things to me. I am just a driver. Never handled a sword before in my life."

Krazkaf smirked, "This is what the race is about Zed boy. It changes people."

"Yeah, and the sooner I see the end of this, the better. Let's see what this labyrinth is all about."

Krazkaf was the first to step inside the hole and Zed followed him. The walls inside the structure burned with a bluish flame that gave everything an eerie glow. There was no roof above them, but only darkness. They walked in a circular path that narrowed till Krazkaf's wide shoulders brushed the walls. They had to turn side ways to proceed. Zed saw that Krazkaf's hands were healing rapidly and the stumps had the beginning of fingernails on them. He didn't want to cut his hands again, but if need be, he was averse to doing it. The sword in his hand vibrated with a hum at Zed's thoughts.

Krazkaf took another step and then he disappeared. Zed waved his hand in the air in front of him, but there was nothing. Then someone pushed him and he fell into the darkness. 

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