Aug 12, 2011

Chapter 12 -- Fuel Collection

"This is how the race works," Marilyn told Zed who was busy selecting the different types of liquor from behind the bar.

"This whole planet is a race course and the finish line is not stationary. It's not even a line."

She stopped to think for a second while Zed examined a bottle with something decayed floating in brown colored liquid. He put that on the bar among other bottles for picking up later.

"Is the finish line like a zone?"

"Yes, you can say that. A sort of black hole that is constantly on the move and to reach it, you have to find it, and if you find it, you have to chase it."

"And what happens when you reach the zone or the finish line?"

"Your planet gets saved and I get a ticket home, to my planet."

Zed opened a bottle at random and poured a smelly liquid in his glass. "I never thought there would be other planets and now here is this, you, these strange people and this place, that you say, is not even Earth."

"This will be a learning experience Zed. There is so much that you can learn from all this."

He shrugged. "I am a racer. I know how to go forward and I know how to do it fast. Learning is for scholars and people of science."

"This race might change you."

"Every race changes me. I am never the same person on the other side of the finish line."

"Anyway," he drained his glass dry and refilled it, "tell me more about the race."

"Well, there are certain drivers who try to "eliminate" others while in the race."

"They'll have to catch us first."

"And there are traps on the race course."

"Are they deadly?"


"Good. Anything else?"

"There is the creature..."

Just then the door to the bar slammed open. A thing that stood at the door was made from a solid block of meat and muscles bulged from every part of his body. He carried a big hammer in his hand and his eyes were small slits through which he peered at Zed. Every inch of this new entrant screamed murder, mayhem and absolute danger.

"Who is Zed here?" he asked.

"Oh, Zed!" Zed said, "He just left from the back door. If you run fast, you might catch up with him."

"Mrrrgggghhh," the thing growled, "if he comes back, tell him Krazkaf is going to kill him."

"Consider it done!" Zed smiled at the thing and waved his hand.

Krazkaf turned around and walked out of the bar. His head almost brushing the high ceiling.

"That's one of the drivers." Marilyn whispered to Zed.

"Seemed like a fun guy. Come on, let's get out of here."

He picked up his stash of bottles he had assembled on the bar top and grabbed Marilyn as he ran out of the bar.  


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