Aug 3, 2011

Chapter Three - The Observer

Four cars raced ahead of Zed. A red car, unlike Zed's black, was leading the pack. He saw the wolf's head decal on the side of the car and cursed.

It was his arch nemesis, Wolf.

The last race he had won from Wolf, he almost lost his middle finger, a crate of vodka and his pet cat. It had been close, very close, and he was no in the mood to repeat the experience. He swerved and overtook another car, taking the fourth place in the race now. He knew sooner or later he'd have to play his trump card, but he would get only one chance at it. With growing dread, he looked at the skull shaped button on the dashboard.

The word PAIN was imprinted on the button in block letters.

The cars raced through the city like hungry animals on hunt and the silent figure watched them from the top of a tower that stood in the middle of the city. A display screen hovered in front of her. There was a map of the city on the screen and the red car beeped like a beacon on the screen. That was her target, the car with Wolf's head decals. She checked the zipline once more and then slid down the line to her bike.

It was time to join the race and take what she had come here for.

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  1. heh, nice :) wait till some hollywood director reads this series of stories and makes a movie :D