Aug 1, 2011

Chapter One - Go!

The girl at the starting line unhooked her bra.

She slipped it off one shoulder, then the other and pulled it out from the sleeve of her t-shirt.

"Boys!" she yelled and jumped up and down, "on your marks!"

The five cars at the racing line growled like hungry animals but the sixth one was silent like a tomb.

She raised her arm above her head, as high as she could.

"Get set!"

The red bra waved in the night breeze like an army flag.

Her fingers curled open and the bra slowly floated to the asphalt like a rose petal from an old diary.


And the five cars rushed forward, leaving the black car idling at the starting line.
Here we go :) Welcome to August Arc!


  1. read the story coz of the first line :P Wondering what the idle black car is upto....

  2. i likes !!! too much !! every write of yours have atleast some touch of poetry .. petal from an old diary ... hmmm .. love that line ...

  3. hahaha... loving this new story arc... very fast and furious and loved the literary departures (ref - rose from a diary).