Aug 22, 2011

Chapter 22 – Fight Fire With Fire

Krazkaf's tank grew nearer to Zed and the worm creature behind him reared up to strike. Krazkaf pulled the trigger on the tube and a projectile followed by bright yellow flame roared forward in Zed's direction.

"Fucked." Zed said and slammed the handbrake. The car spun in an arc and Zed pushed a button to roll down all the windows. The missle from Krazkaf's tank entered the car from one back seat window and exited from the other, heading straight for the worm.

The worm opened its jaw wide and swallowed the missile whole. It exploded in its stomach with a silent flash of light. The worm expanded to encompass the blast and then reverted to its normal shape. It didn't lose its momentum.

"Shit," Zed said. The glow in his car was almost blinding now. He picked up the glowing spear from the back seat and swung the car to face Krazkaf's tank.

The car's wheels spun on the gravel as it sped towards the tank. Karzkaf was half out of the window of the tank and this time he had a battle axe in his hand and he swung it in a wide arc. Zed knew he'd get only once chance to get this right. He moved closer to Karzkaf's tank. The worm almost choking on the exhaust from his car's tailpipe. At the last moment, he swerved from the path of the tank and almost brushed its side as he jammed the blue glowing spear into the wheel spokes of the tank. The worm and the tank slammed into each other with a colossal bang.

Zed looked at the fireball in the rear view mirror. A burning wheel rolled out of the fire. Then something rose from the flames. A figure with an axe in his hand.

"When will this guy curl up and die?" Zed said to himself.

"Nice escape." Marilyn's voice came online again.

"Yeah, thanks for you help."

"Is that sarcasm, Zed?"

"Nah, I just feel like thanking you for all you've done for me so far."

"We still have a race to win."

"Then why don't you navigate, miss navigator?"

Zed's hand flared with pain for a brief second. Then Marilyn's voice rang clear in his head. "We'll need to fly to get closer to find the finish line."


Okay all, I was re-reading these chapters, and there are some mistakes, typos n all. I'm getting no time to edit these, power cuts and life etc are making it hard enough to post. But I promise, an edited and much better version will be with you once this is over. Hope you all are enjoying :) I am! 


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