Aug 26, 2011

Chapter 26 -- Asking The Right Question

"Cool kid," the sword said in Zed's head.

"The kid is a pain in the ass. Want to ask her a question?"

"Sure. I have questions. Ask her where is the finish line to this damned race."

Zed grinned.

He lowered the window on his side and leaned out of the car.

"Hey, kid, where is the finish line?"

The Questioner smiled back at Zed. The smile was way too wide for a kid and the teeth were way too big for a girl her age.

"In the labyrinth, where you will lose blood, the door to the other side, is buried in the mud."

Zed narrowed his eyes. "I was hoping for clear directions."

"You have a navigator."


"Now get out of your car," the kid said, "I have to eat you."

"I don't think you can eat me," he grabbed the sword, "this will get stuck in your throat."

The Questioner opened her mouth wide. It was like a cavernous hole and in the darkness things squiggled and wiggled over themselves. The smell from the mouth drove Zed back into the car.

"Woah! See a dentist, will you?"

"Throw me," the sword said, and Zed was more than happy to oblige.  He threw the sword at The Questioner like a spear. The sword turned itself midway and spun in a lazy circle. The Questioner opened her mouth and swallowed the sword whole. Then she burped. Her face contorted in pain and a thin line of blood tore out of her frock. The sword burst through the girl's stomach. Then it swung up in the air and sliced the girl's head clean off her neck. Zed caught the sword before it fell in the mud. The Questioner's dead body fell from the hood of the car and water rushed in from all sides into the car. Zed had bare moments to shut the windows and floor the accelerator.  

"Marilyn!" Zed screamed, "we need to find a labyrinth."

"What a coincidence! There is one just around the corner. Turn right."

Zed drove out of the river bank and turned the wheel right.

"And," Marilyn's voice seethed with sarcasm, "your  friend has reached here before us."

Krazkaf stood before a hole in the wall. He was on fire. He held a sword in his hand. The sword burned with a bright blue flame. He saw Zed and raised his sword.

"You carry the doom sword," Krazkaf growled,"fight me and claim your destiny."

"What the fuck..." Zed swore.

If you want the right answer, you have to ask the right question.

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