Aug 21, 2011

Chapter 21 -- Thinking Out Of The Box

The sword looked unlike any that Zed had ever seen. Though he had not seen too many sword but he had a general idea what they looked like. The grip of the sword had a well worn look. The leather strands wrapped around it had almost disappeared into the grip. It was a heavy sword too. Zed could barely lift it, let along swing it.

"How am I even supposed to fight with this thing?" he asked Olag.

"You will rock with this thing, when it wakes up." Olag asked.

Zed looked at the sword. Then he looked at Olag.

"Okay," he said, "let it sleep then."

The floor under his feet vibrated. Then everything lurched sideways and Zed was thrown into a wall.

"Olag! What is happening?!"

"We are being attacked Lord Z!"

Olag listened to some internal communication from the Box's bridge.

"It's Krazkaf."

"Drop me nearby. I'll distract him. You people get the fuck away from here."


"No questions, Olag. I can handle the bugger."

"As you wish my lord."

Zed walked back through the corridor to his car. It looked the same as before but the car radiated an energy which even Zed could feel. There was a sense of force about the car that attracted and scared Zed at the same time.

He sat in the car and put the sword in the passenger seat.

"Alright," he shouted at Olag, "get me close to the ground and drop me."

He revved the car up as the floor under the wheels disappeared and the car hit the ground in motion. But Zed found he was in bigger shit than he could actually handle. He had exited in the wrong direction and he was now racing towards Krazkaf's tank. There was the worm like creature behind him, quickly gaining on his car. While Krazkaf was half out of a window of his tank, aiming a big evil looking tube at Zed's car. Zed had no way to get out of this, and then the car's interiors filled up with a eerie blue glow. The spear in the backseat glowed with an increasing blue intensity. It was going to explode for sure, the only question was when.

Marilyn's voice came online. "You're fucked, Zed."


OMFG! triple fucked!

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  1. I remember quicksilver, and I remember Zed :)