Aug 6, 2011

Chapter 6 - The Void

Zed's car fell in the void. He burned in the driver's seat. His face
distorted with pain. The car tumbled end on end, like a doll thrown
carelessly. Zed stretched his hand to the dash, it was a herculean effort
because his fingers were spreading too far wide and a bone was already
popping out of his forearm. It was a miracle that he was still conscious.
And he wanted to make the most of these conscious moments. His fingers
closed around the neck of the vodka bottle and he drew it towards him in a
painful motion. The bone from his forearm dug into his bicep and his arm
stopped moving towards his burning face.

He moved his torso forward but his melted clothes had stuck to the car's seat. He felt the his defenses give up one by one. The car tumbled once more and the vodka from the open bottle sloshed all over his burning face which now burned with a renewed zeal, a blue blaze that spread all over Zed. He laughed as he licked the vodka and blood from his lips as they sizzled and cooked in a greasy flame.

The car splashed in a pool of water at the bottom of void. As it sank
slowly, Zed came to the painful realization that he might have lost the
first race in his life.


  1. Ah! Feast... This is what I love when I check it after long. Enough read for a whole day.

    I'd have loved to see another Arz series, but this one seems good.

    You are an asshole, fubar. How much ever I try to carve out a pattern from your writings to get de-charmed, you wriggle out it with something different.


  2. blue flames .. the driver liking it .. and a race,.. oh i so love it :)