Aug 7, 2011

Chapter 7 -- The Road To Nowhere

Zed was driving. The pain was gone. His hands were on the wheel and the road
in front of his car was lit by an eerie green glow. He looked at his face in
the rear view mirror and there was no sign of the damage that follows Red
Death. The skull shaped button on his dash was whole again. He looked out of
the window and the sky was the color of an oil slick after rain. The
landscape was a barren gray for as far as his eyes could see. The GPS in the
dashboard showed nothing around him, just his car as an nondescript blue

This is interesting, he thought.

There were heat waves rising from the road ahead and he thought he saw
something move among the fumes. Zed pressed the accelerator. He looked out
of the window at the apparition like figure standing on the side of the road
with a briefcase in her hand. She wore a white skirt that covered her strong
legs. Her hair was a golden halo around her head and her lips were colored
red of bloodstained battlefields. Zed recognized her face. She was an
actress from old earth movies. He could not, for the life of him remember
her name. He stopped the car right next to her and rolled down the window.

"Hey Wolf." she said.

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