Aug 16, 2011

Chapter 16 -- The Questioner

 The strange procession of racers broke off in branches and everyone took their own path through the river. Everyone guided by their navigators but Zed didn't drive anywhere with the group. He turned his car ninety degrees and drove into the direction where the river was coming from.

“Be careful Zed,” Marilyn's voice warned him, “there are things here that you might not want to mess with.”

“I know. I am looking for something to mess with.”

The chip in his hand throbbed and the pain almost tore his fingers out of their joints.

OWWW!” he screamed, “what the fuck is this Marilyn?!”

Follow the others. This is not the right way to go.”

I am the fucking driver of this car!” anger leaked in Zed's voice, “we'll go where I drive us.”

No Zed,” Marilyn's voice was clear as honey in his head, “we'll go where I guide you.”

Like fuck I will. Not after this bullshittery!”

Yeah?” Marilyn's voice mocked him. The chip in his palm grew hotter and grabbed a bottle at random from the dashboard.

No, no, NO!”

Zed watched in horror as his hand threw the bottle out of the window where it crashed with a sad bang on the rocks spread by the riverbed.

There are more bottles Zed.”

Fine, have it your way.”

He turned the car around and drove it through the river where he promptly fell in the first trap in the racing arena. The water around the car fell apart and flowed around the car without touching the sides.

What now?”

It's The Questioner.” a trace of fear colored Marilyn's voice.

From the wall of water, a small girl in a frock and a teddy bear clutched in her arms, jumped and landed cross legged on the bonnet of Zed's car.

Hi, hope this look is in sync with your planet's norms. Here are the rules, ask me questions, tell me no lies, or I won't let you pass, and everyone dies.”

Inside the car, Zed narrowed his eyes, “A kid. I hate kids.”

Shut up Zed and do as I say, or we won't get out of here.”

We can just run over the kid.”

She will eat us the moment we move an inch forward. We need to ask her questions.”

I don't think we'll need to.” Zed said, as he looked up from their watery cube. “Help is here.”

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