Aug 8, 2011

Chapter 8 -- Mistaken Identity

Zed turned his head to face the girl, "Wrong number sweetheart, I am Zed."

She scowled and the expression made her look even cuter than she was.

"You're not Wolf?"

"Never was, never will be. Zed all the way."

"How did you get here? We had arranged for Wolf's transportation."

"The green cloud of gas, it made a hole in the ground and the next thing I know, I am driving on this road."

By force of habit, his hand reached for a bottle in the bar he had created in the dashboard. He picked one, it was empty. He picked another and it was empty too. He pounced on the dash, taking out bottles one by one. All of them were empty.

"What fuckery is this?" he turned to the girl standing outside his car. "All my alcohol is gone!"

She narrowed her eyes.

"You're that Zed? The Alcoholic?"

"I am also the best driver in the Circle of Earth Federation."

"But you're an alcoholic."

"An alcohol connoisseur."

"Precisely the reason we wanted Wolf. He doesn't drink and drive."

"Precisely the reason I have beaten him in every race he has ever drove in," he smirked.

She scowled as she walked around the car to the passenger door, opened it with more force than necessary, threw her briefcase in the back seat and sat in the car. She put the safety belt on.

"So it goes Mr. Zed, it seems we'll have to use what we've got. But its your planet's loss. Not my problem."

"Whatever the hell does that mean?"

"Oh, you'll learn Zed-san. You will learn. For now, you better drive. This road won't be here forever."

Zed looked in the rear view mirror and his eyes opened wide at what he saw. The road behind the car was disappearing as a pool of darkness ate away chunks of road. He stared at the girl who was looking ahead with a blank expression on her face and slammed his foot on the accelerator.


We have a female lead! Yay! Ok, just to clear some confusion. This is not the biker chick. That chick was different. We'll meet her later.

And Zed will drink only vodka from now on. If he finds any on this godforsaken place.

Any other questions? :)

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  1. "An alcohol connoisseur."
    now there is a line I'd have never used... ;-)