Aug 24, 2011

Chapter 24 – Like Spider to the Flies

Baxron stood by the side of the cliff and watched Zed's car sail through the open air. He patted the neck of his mount, the creature gnashed its teeth at Zed's scent.

"We've got him. He'll be dead before he hits the ground." Baxron got off the creature and climbed down the mountain side.

"Wake up. Wake up. Wake up." the voice was in Zed's head and it was hurting with every movement. He tried to open his eyes and only one eye opened. He panicked for a second, then touched his eye. It was crusted over with dry blood. His head hurt like he had slammed it into the steering wheel.

"Fuck me for listening to a woman for directions." he swore. Once he managed to pry his eye open, he saw that the ground was very far away from where he was. He looked out of the window and saw the car hanging in a web stretched taut between the walls of the mountain. The web swung slowly as Zed moved.

"Marilyn? A little help."

"Ask that fellow over there, maybe he can help."

Zed looked at the fellow. It was Baxron, nimbly climbing down from the mountain.

"Master Zed. I built a nice little web for you."

"Kinda ruined the purpose of killing me, didn't it?"

"I only seek to delay the inevitable." Baxron smirked at Zed.

"Thanks for the spear. It was a blast using it." Zed smirked back.

"Mock me when you find a way to get out of this jam you've gotten yourself into," Baxron said, "by the way, how much do you trust that chip in your hand?"

"I trust this chip more than I trust you Bax. Say your part and leave me to my misery."

"Die before Krazkaf gets you. You are carrying the sword he hates. This race is over for you and your planet."

"Is that all?" Zed asked.

Baxron shrugged. Then he took out a knife from his belt and started slicing the web's end that were stuck to his side of the mountain.

"Fuck you, Bax!" Zed swore as Baxron sliced through another thread.

"Zed, we'll crash if we don't have enough speed while going down." Marilyn's voice was clear as daylight in Zed's head.

"Yeah, I know. I am working on it."

A beep attracted his attention. The sword, Quicksilver was beeping. The LED panel flashed, "PICK ME".

Zed extended his hand towards the sword. A thread of static electricity passed from his hand to the handle of the sword. On the edge of the mountain, Baxron saw Zed about to pick the sword.

"Fuck." He started to slice the threads faster.