Aug 18, 2011

Chapter 18 -- Remove?

"WOAH!" Zed screamed at roof of his car. The white spear shook slightly as its handler tried to pull it back out. Zed saw that it was made from a bone like material and it was so close that Zed could see the markings made in the shaft of the spear. The spear disappeared back through the hole and before Zed could control his panicking heart, the spear thrust down again and this time it buried itself in the seat right between Zed's legs. 

"Not so close to the family jewels man!!"

The shaft of the spear almost touched his nose and he saw the drawing of a demon's face staring back at him. He needed to find a way out of this quickly and help came from the most unexpected source. 

Karzakf's tank was pointed at his car and it let loose a volley of canon balls that fell all around Zed's car. One of the balls knocked the thing holding Zed's car and he felt the tires touch gravel and find traction. 

"Only I get to kill you Zed!" Karzakf screamed over the din.

"Get a token and join the line asshole!" Zed shot him a middle finger as he pressed the accelerator and sped away. He had almost forgotten the spear that was embedded in the seat and then the spear vanished back through the hole in the roof. The spear holder was still on the car!

"Let's see how you hold on now."

Zed turned the wheel and pulled the handbrake sending the car into a curving spin that threw a figure from the top of the car, onto the gravel, raising a cloud of dust as it rolled the distance. As the dust settled, Zed looked out of the window to see a slight figure rise from the ground. The creature in question had a humanoid appearance from above the waist and that's where the similarity ended. Below the waist, the three legs were covered in symbols that swirled with the shifting of the light. 

"Name yourself, heathen!" the figure bellowed at Zed. 

"Who the fuck uses words like heathen," he muttered to himself, then he shouted at the figure, "I am Zed, from Earth. Racing enthusiast and alcohol connoisseur."

"So be it, Zed from Earth. I am Baxron and I must remove you from this contest now."


The spear was the answer to Zed's question as it hurtled through the distance between the Baxron and the car, moved through Zed's open window and pierced the other door of the car. 

"I'm so tired of running from people who want to kill me." Zed said. "See you along Baxron. That was a shitty aim though!"

Marilyn's voice came online in Zed's head. "He was not aiming for your head, Zed."

"Well, I don't see the spear damaging the car in..."

The steering wheel shook in his hand and the car slowly swerved from the straight line into a zigzagging path. 

"Shit, not again."

He looked at the spear as the symbols on it slowly started to glow. 

"We need to leave the car Zed, its going to explode."

Something glided above Zed's car just then, it made a sound like a shroud flapping in the wind.

Zed looked out of his window.

"Oh no, fucking no, don't tell me."


Another car for Mr. Zed?

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