Aug 5, 2011

Chapter 5 - Bring The Pain

There are two kinds of drivers. The cautious and the insane. And then there is Zed. In another dimension where the religions were based on winning races, Zed was a god. But in this dimension where he was close to losing, he had made precautionary measure.

PAIN was that measure. It was a race winning device attached to the skull shaped button that was encircled with the words, DO NOT PRESS.

Zed was going to press it.

He knew it was not going to be pretty, that's not what the button did. But he was dead sure that it would work. The device activated by the button altered time and space and it had a simple price. The driver's life.

There was only one instance of PAIN being used before in the racing circles and the story was told by people who had picked off small bits of the driver from the upholstery of his car. The car had crossed the finish line though.

And that was all that mattered to Zed.

He saw Wolf's car ahead of him. He saw the mysterious biker take aim at Wolf's car. He was beyond caring about them. He was going to win this race. Ready to pay the price. He risked a glance at the GPS and aligned his car in a straight line towards the finish line. He took a breath, licked his lips and swallowed a mouthful of vodka. As he overcame the burn of the liquid, he didn't give himself time to think and slammed his hand on the button.

At the same instant the biker fired the strange gun again at Wolf's car. Wolf's car swerved and Zed's car took its place, straight in the path of green cloud of smoke from the gun.

Zed was having an amazing time inside his car. His skin was getting ripped from his bones and his bones were collapsing on each other. He felt like pulled in all directions by small needles and each needle hurt. His heart was beating in over drive and being alive hurt like hell.

Then the green cloud swallowed his car and the road beneath the car disappeared in a cloud of black dust. His car fell into the emptiness and time slowed for Zed.

If his pain was worse earlier, now it amped up to a maniacal intensity. He screamed and the air from his mouth was fire. The body parts he felt were getting ripped apart now felt like they were being put together by some insane surgeon who fed on the pain of his patients.

Thoughts amplified in his head and the last sliver of light showed him Wolf's car heading for the finish line.

He would have screamed louder if he could.

And then the darkness took him.


Tomorrow, Into The Void.

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