Nov 27, 2008

The Torrent

"Man! I hate this fucking shit!" 

"What is it today man?"

"What asshole! Didn't you see the TV? There is so much terrorism out there!"


"So! SO! So?!! That shit is bad dude."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"It's like, man, this shit is like, disturbing the peace and all that and killing people man, and innocent people!"

"Lot of innocent people?"

"Yeah man."

"oh ah. Well, ok. Hey, look my torrent just finished downloading!"

"What is it?"

"The new Max Payne movie man."

"COOOOOL! Let's watch!"


I almost didn't post it. But I did just now. Can't say the shit doesn't affect me, but its like a routine now, this terrorism thing. It's sad and complex, and we can all cry ourselves hoarse in blogsphere but it won't make difference worth one paisa. So, what to do? I don't know, but what I do know is that half of you are downloading something even now, cuz I am.

Fourth story, 11.35 PM IST. Three More to go.


  1. Sin city, sick city, Double Duh bro, with a capital D

    We all are in this together :D


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  3. i'm sick of people who are sick of terrorism. we should embrace it as a way of life and get on with it. it's the black plague of this century. get over it. then find your gun and shoot the bastards' heads off.

  4. Kris...

    It's a vicious cycle man. Cribbing about terrorism is sicker than terrorism itself. But well, I guess it all has to get worse before it gets any better. Till then, who knows.


  5. I like Kris...

    Sadly I haven't got a gun or anything so joining in is out of the question.

    Has anyone got a gun I could borrow? I feel so behind the times...

    must be an age thing

    Stay safe over there old bean

  6. somehpw it looks only cool on movies..all the carnage..

  7. how is max payne the movie..??not better then the game I suppose...

    About the blasts...and terrorism..and the reaction...I think you already know about my indifference from the last time..(Delhi blasts) no comments here... :)

    And how have you been man?

  8. aw man this shit is so awesome man you like hook innocent people to your blog man! no fair man!

    this one was seriosuly!fucking!BRILLIANT!

    as for the terrorism, i feel like
    we've retrogressed to a prehistoric society, or rather a lack thereof, with all the modern amenities.

    but then again, N, 'Cribbing about terrorism is sicker than terrorism itself.' Well said.

  9. Truth of life! :| That's what me and my friends are doing the whole day these days..btw, have you seen the south park movie? :P

  10. Is it cool to be or pretend to be, which ever applies, insensitive/untouched by the latest turn of events........???

    I wonder.

    Might be am just too sick.

  11. MSP...

    Sir, I'd like nukes for the shit we have here. Trying my best to stay safe, but what do we know! :)


  12. IG...

    Sickening is the word. Let's just hope this shit doesn't happen anymore.

  13. Zubin...

    I am yet to see the movie, and I am more of a Gears of War guy than max payne :P

    Indifference makes no difference man.

    Been fine, just doing lots of writing here and there. You tell!

  14. Jadis...

    We belive in being seriously fucking brilliant, totally ;)

    We are animals, all of us, and this terrorism is just a primitive way of showing dominance. Its all a jungle, just made of concrete.

    Let's not crib, let's vote for something better.



  15. QB...

    yeah, only if we all could download the whole internet :D

    Nopes for southpark, I know of the series but haven't seen the movie :)


  16. January Girl...

    We are all sick here, you are in good company. And, maybe its cool for some people, maybe others are genuinely desensetized. Can't say for sure on things like this.

    Thanks for commenting. :)


  17. Bad guys out there.
    Thank anything (an atheist) you are here as a resort.

    I was downloading Submersed's Immortal Verses and some Disturbed and Death Cab for Cutie music. We guys seem to download something or the other always.

    Your stuff at TFU on opinions is well said.