Jan 7, 2007

Type o Negative - Dead Again

01. Dead Again
02. Tripping a Blind Man
03. The Profits of Doom
04. September Sun
05. Halloween in Heaven
06. These Three Things
07. She Burned Me Down
08. Some Stupid Tomorrow
09. An Ode to Locksmiths
10. Hail and Farewell to Britain

Total Running Time: 77:35 minutes

Release Dates:
March 13 - USA/Canada
March 16 - Germany
March 19 - Europe

It is amazing how these guys make magical music with every album. The mad monk himself on the cover! and the album's gonna come out when I need it the most.


  1. i dont wanna piss you off but i saw them live at bloodstock and didn't even bother sticking around... none of my friends like them and i never actually hrd any of there stuff so.. thats that

  2. hey Man, to each his own...I can't force anyone to like Type o....well...if you are someday in search of new music...download/buy "october rust" or "bloody kisses" great albums...if you still don't like them...well...burn the albums ;)