Jan 29, 2013

The Gift - 5 - This Guy is Different

The hut was small but somehow it had ample space for a table with three chairs around it. The black man was busy at the pot, cooking the chicken he had chopped into small pieces. He told Razvik to set up the table for three. There were plates and spoons in a cupboard at the back wall and Razvik busied himself with setting up the table as he kept thinking about the girl from the market.

Elina. That was her name. As beautiful as she was. While they prepared, the black man, Wazif, told Razvik about Elina. How she was tasked with taking care of all those who came to get their gifts. There had been people before, but they all got lost in the forest. Razvik was the first one to reach the hut. And I followed only my sense of direction, thought Razvik.

There was sound of footsteps near the door of the hut and Elina walked in, silhouetted by the sun behind her, framing her hair in a golden halo. She had a package in her hand. It was the keyboard that Razvik had left somewhere back in the room.

She put the keyboard on the table where plates were arranged for dinner. She pulled a chair, sat down and held her face in her hands.

"Is everything okay?" Wazif asked her.

"This," she pointed at the keyboard, "and him, she pointed at Razvik, "are everything that is wrong."

"This guy is different, Wazif. He is not like anyone who's come through before."

"I told him that already," Wazif said as he brought a cooking pot to the table and started filling the plates with cooked chicken.

The keyboard sat in the middle of the table, unattended. The three sat around it and ate. They'd deal with the keyboard later. Razvik knew there were important things in life, but he was hungry and food never tasted any better than in this weird place.

It ends in next part.

Been fighting a funky state of mind. But i'll finish this story before i blow my fuse.