Jun 25, 2008

Mad Night

The stench of madness swirled in a night fueled by hate.

The whole city had gone mad.

My neighbors had just killed their dog and were putting it on a barbecue in the middle of the street. Their son was beating his sister with hisleft leg. He hobbled on one leg as the girl teased him.

Their parents laughed.

A dragon flew outside my window, a pizza box held firmly in its jaws, its massive wings darkening the mad night. The pizza box dripped with blood, the dragon's teeth firmly clamped through it. The dragon saw me and winked at me.

I looked outside fascinated and disgusted by the sights I had never seen before. Little dinosaurs ran in the garden grass, no larger than small rats. There was a car laying on its roof in the street, another car lay on top of it, they both moved in unison, metal crunched into the gravel with their back and forth motions.

The neighbors were finished with cooking the dog and now the whole family sat on the road and watched the cars twist and turn around each other.

They all ate the dog. The boy's leg was cooking on the grill next.

Somewhere around the next street I saw a bright flash and a mushroom cloud of smoke, dust and debris rose from between the buildings. The glass on my widow exploded into butterflies and they all fluttered around my head.

There was a knock on the door of my room and I pulled myself away from the window. The window called me back in strange, sweet tones. I opened the door and Dad stood there with a shotgun in his hand.

The hole where his head should have been, grinned back at me. I took the shotgun from him and slammed the door in his face or whatever was left of it. The black metal lowed in my hands and the next second I was holding a black cobra in my hand.

"Kiss me." said the snake.

I did.

Precisely the reason why you come to this blog.

More madness to come your way, regularly! :)

Jun 14, 2008

The Parallel Puppy

The Parallel Puppy was not cute, it was an accident.

I swear...Fuck, it was a horrible accident. Let me elaborate.

That day is still clear in my mind like it was yesterday but it was not yesterday, it was sometime in February of this year. As on any weekday I left for my office on my motorcycle (bike as I like to call it, not a cycle, but one with a motor, and it's heavy, and it's called a Pulsar). So, as I drove on with my attention on the road and my left foot on the gears and the right on the brakes, I drove over a puppy.

It simply walked under the front wheel of my bike, and it felt like I had driven over a small bump in the road. I immediately slammed on the brake and stopped the bike. As I rested the bike on the side stand and got off to inspect the puppy I saw, to my horror, that the puppy's head was squashed parallel to the road like a cheese pizza under the rear wheel of my bike.

It was sad but I took comfort in the fact that the puppy didn't suffer much.

This post is dedicated to The Parallel Puppy.


Jun 13, 2008

Wet like a fish.

The only time i hate the rain is when i'm stranded and the other time
i hate the rain is when i have to drive in the rain.

Like today.

So, right now as i type this, my jeans is wet,my shirt is wet and
there is water in places that i'd rather not mention here. All because
of the idiots who drive fast through water on the roads even though
they are in cars. Times like these make me wish for a bike with a
machine gun on it so that i can blast any car that splashes water on
me when i'm driving.
A flamethrower add-on for the bike would be nice too.

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Swallowing the bitter taste of victory.

The problem is that once you have completely and finally and for the fuck of it

all, fucked and obilterated your enemy, what is there left to do?

Not much to be true. You have a few beers, eat something, take a bath (if there is

no avoiding it[The stench can be a dead give away to the enemies]), sleep a little,

for fuck's sake and then what?

Look for another war to fight.

Plain and simple as daylight on my face and dog shit under my shoes. Got to keep on

fighting, day after day after day. That's life, until death happens.

I see them flying in my mind...I'll kick them in the behind,

Jun 4, 2008

ZAP! bitches!

There is a fly zapper in this place. I think about the flies who come
attracted to the neon blue flouresence only to be ZAPPED into smoke
and a SNAP!! sound.
And I wonder, what is it that we are all getting attracted to? The big blue...

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Like Fuckin A Hole In A Wall

glory hole, i hear someone think. Right and wrong. I have been accused
of shitiness but I think i'm being confused as someone who actually
gives a fuck.
I wrote something in morning about sleep, mailed it but it never
reached the blog, i wonder why.

So, i have been philosophising but there is better wisdom found inside
a can of beer than slamming head into the walls. The stories are
brewing in my head again. Won't be long before it all erupts like a
bloody orgasm or something. THAT is what storytelling should be like.
A perpetual fucking of thoughts, from one to many. An orgy of words, a
gangbang of ideas, a bukkake of madness in your fuckin face.
I think i've finally lost it. Lost my sanity. This is un-familiar
country, this weird feeling of stillness, coursing through me, i like
it, but then why am i feeling bored?

peace cuz of bigger guns.

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Jun 3, 2008

Tiny Giants

Greed is the bloody lubricant that makes the machinery of humanity
work. The only satisfied human being is a dead human being. I'm pissed
off cuz i have no reason to be pissed off but i will soon find some
reason to get all worked up about and i'll be normal again. I like to
ramble, just to let off steam. Not good for days like this when its so
hot. It's 8.45 AM, what the fuck am i doing in office, i'm sleepy and
the benefit of t9 dictionary is that i can type with my eyes closed.
sleepy...so sleepy.

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Jun 2, 2008

A Great Piece Of Advice

Dude, don't sleep with your pants off, ants will eat your balls - T.W

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

The Moment Of Fear

Waking up drenched in the sweat of a horrible dream can be a nerve
wrecking experience. Not the thing you'd want to do twice. There are
so many things i want to talk about right now,but i need the stillness
in my head. Next few days might be rough, i saw the vikings moving
around the place i live. They must have tracked me down somehow.
There have been reports of some monkeys gone mad on the other side of
the sewage river. I just hope they don't get affected by the
radioactivity in the waste materials. The city had a tough time
dealing with 3 foot tall talking rats list reason. I mean its ok to
kill something whose language you can not understand but when a rat is
glowing all green and talking to you about the weather and the
pollution in the waters,its kind of tough to put a bullet through its
thick skull. But fun nonetheless, i mean come on, even flying monkey
can not beat talking rats. Maybe they can, what do i know...

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Jun 1, 2008


Somedays the only good thing about life is a relaxed, solid shit in
the morning.
eh, is it you or has it just started stinking here?

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"Whatever it is, I'm against it"