Nov 30, 2006

A Picture is worth a thousand words, three thousand words

The Door

The Cat

PIc deleted to protect privacy :)
Three pictures from my trip to a village during a class assignment

Nov 17, 2006 work what work?

Well...i ve been adding widgets and thingums to the blog....the google thingy, the technorati thingy and some other stuff which people can't see....its makign it all look a bit clutterish so i guess i'll spend some more time and make it all cool looking....

ah...i feel sad that i can't keep with a story a day format which i initially began with. Saddens me cuz this is someting i want to do but life the universe and everything stand in my way.

But i swear i'm going to make this thing work. might take some time but this is going to be
A Story A Day.
thanks to all those who come read and write a comment. Makes my day, you know. you can bookmark my blog through technorati if you wish and you have an account there and yeah the google ads are there, i just might earn a dollar or tow :)) , of course the google thing is a joke,

Oh well whatever, nevermind.

Take care poeple and keep rocking.

Nov 12, 2006

busy days

I am busy for a while...stories coming soon, be patient and thy shall receive.

Nov 4, 2006

Nothingman goes to Flickr

What am i trying to say here? can anyone comprehend?
Or is it the same as always? I'm the only one who knows the end
A picture is worth a thousand words
This post is so many pictures done!
self portraits are not work of nerds
look at these talented ones!
Of course i've flicked these from flickr
I'm thinking about copyright
but I didn't write any names
So if a picture is yours please don't fight
I'll say it now just for you
If your picture is here then THANK YOU!