May 7, 2015

1000 Reasons Why You Should Read Discworld Books

If there is one thing I am sure of in life, it is this.

One day, I will be in power to make people read the books that I want them to read. And that day, I will make everyone read every book from Discworld and nothing else till they remember every line, every lesson and every instance from the books by heart and soul.

That day is not here yet, all I have this blog from where I can shout my thoughts out into the world.

So, hear my thoughts.

Discworld is fucking amazing.

You should read it.

Then you should buy more Discworld books and make all your friends read them too. Give these books to enemies, to strangers, to babies who are learning to read, to old men who are waiting to die, to broken hearted lovers who want to heal, to people who have lost their faith, and to people who have nothing but dreams in their eyes.

Because there is something for everyone in Discworld books. And if you don't have the luck or capacity to understand the lessons given within, at least you will leave the books with a smile on your face. And on some days, even a smile is enough to deal with the world.

But Pallav, you ask, there are more than 40 Discworld books, where do I begin? How will I know the overall story? What about the characters? What about the pain, horror, fun, love and madness of Discworld?

To which I'd reply, surprise yourself!

Pick any single Discworld book. Seriously, any one of them.

Give it a read. Then pick another one and give it a read.

By the third book, you'll be in love with everything Discworld.

This the beauty of Discworld, there is an order, but it is not a concrete order. This is probably the only book series where you can start reading from anywhere.

If you begin somewhere in the middle of the timeline of Discworld, relax, you're in the hands of a master storyteller, who won't let you leave confused and bewildered.

There will be times when you will laugh, and times you will cry while reading the books, and times when you'll be forced to put the book down and think about the genius of Terry Pratchett.

The author has left us, but his work is here for us and the future generations and it'd be a grave sin if we don't give Discworld a read and make it a part of life of every person who can read.

There is whole essence of cosmos in Discworld, there is wry commentary on the state of things, there is scathing wit, the humor is off the charts, the characters are so well drawn that they feel almost real.

I could go on and on about Discworld and maybe I will, too. But right now, seriously, head over to your favorite online bookstore, and gift yourself a Discworld book.

I mean, how bad can it be?