Mar 17, 2022

Chapter 16 - Peas in a Pod

Tiberius had never been in a worse mood than this.

First, he got chewed up by the assembly on the ship for bringing the stray human on the ship.

He stood by his decision and told them nothing more, but it grated on his nerves how a group of humans could make him feel this way.

Second was the order from the assembly to train a new person for admission to his squad. Two new people, one that he wanted, the other unwanted. He knew he should not jeopardize his judgment of the two even before they’d stepped in the training hall, still he could not help but feel a sense of unbridled rage towards everyone and everything on the ship.

He took a deep breath and stilled his nerves.

Nysha had pinged him that she was bringing Skiz in to meet Tiberius. The other guy was given directions to his office as well.

Tiberius placed his hand palm down on his desk and took another deep breath.

There was a knock on his door and a second later Nysha walked in. The tribal from the planet below walked in behind her. He was dressed in a standard fare brown shirt and trousers. His hair was cut and his intelligent brown eyes were taking in everything around him, storing away the information for later. From this angle, the man looked huge. He was as huge as the gene enhanced beings that were specially created for the missions that would pulverize regular humans. 

“Please, come and have a seat,” Tiberius gestured to the two empty chairs on the other side of his desk. The man looked at Tiberius, grunted an understanding and walked up to one of the chairs and sat in. He stared at Tiberius with no hostility in his eyes, only naked curiosity. 

There was another knock on the door. Nysha was still standing near the door and she opened it. 

It was a kid with a backpack. She stood aside and pointed her thumb towards the empty chair next to Skiz. The boy said nothing and walked to the chair. He took a look at Skiz and spared a glance at Tiberius. He removed his backpack and put it between his legs as he sat down. 

Tiberius looked at both of them.

He had no idea what he would make of those two.