Nov 24, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update

Well, I almost fucked up :)

I know there is still time left for NaNoWriMo to end but sometimes you know what you know. I've been waiting for this month for almost the whole year and I fucked up. I know I am not going to crack the word count because there are things that require me to move around every weekend any that is the time I've assigned for writing, then there is other time after office and before office when I SHOULD be writing, but I am not, because I write all day in office. Almost all day. There is lot of words that go through my fingers all day. And, well, a plumber can't plumb at home after plumbing all day at work. 

All fucking stupid excuses. 

That said, there is still time left, so I am going for the broke.

Gonna write whatever the fuck I can, at whatever the pace and try to finish the story by 30 November.

The word count is 21,534 right now. I am kinda scared to do the math about how many words I need to do daily to still crack the 50k mark.

I think I chose the wrong story to pursue. Should've stayed in cities and guns mode. I went swords and forests way. But the story is moving, step by step, inch by inch. There is lot of interconnecting to be done.

I need to work harder in 2012 and keep the distractions in check.

Let's see how many words I can get to by November 30.


Nov 17, 2011

A Quick Writing Tip

Alright, I said on twitter that I will post a writing tip here. It's been helping me write for my nanowrimo project. Even though i've been working like a lazeball and chasing a mammoth target by now, but I'm sure this will help you a lot if you can do this right. 

The trick, is to answer a question.



Well, remember the time in exams when there were ten minutes left before the examiner would come and take away the answer sheet and you went in full mindfuck creative mode, making shit up right left and center! Yes that. 

Write down ten questions about your plot. About your characters. About the problems that the characters are facing. And then provide solutions for those problems.

For example: 

Question: How does my hero escape the evil sluts of planet Zarkonia?
Answer: He escapes the evil sluts by fucking the fuck out of them all with his massive...ego!

Question: How does he fuck the fuck out of the evil sluts?
Answer: A 2000 word essay explaining the brutal fucking delivered by our hero on the planet Zarkonia and the fucking leading to his eventual escape!!

So, there!

Right, I got to go sleep! It's almost 3AM!! YIKES!!

Happy writing!

Nov 9, 2011


This is about change. There will always be changes. Nothing remains in a state of constant stillness. Even in things that seem still, changes are going on on a molecular level.

Everything is falling apart. Even you.

And a change is life, through a transition period is always a rocky period. Things fall apart. Things refuse to work. And at times, you've to jerry rig a leaky boat with the stump of your enemy's arm that you tore off from his dead body using nothing but your teeth. Bless your dentist in such a moment and bless your parents who taught you to brush your teeth every night before sleeping. The point here is that nothing has a point when you are drowning in a shark tank with blood leaking from your nose.

That shit just sucks.

Sharks, man!

Nov 8, 2011

The Futility of Existence

There is a problem with life. A big problem, it's prone to failure. Anyone can die. Anytime. You might not even know but there might be a biological time bomb inside you, waiting for the right time to go off.

The things we take for granted will cease to exist once we cease to exist. What we leave behind might not be enough. All life is like a poem, even when it ends, it's always unfinished. There could always be one more verse, one more rhyme, another cryptic puzzle wrapped in words.

But there is never enough time. The clock ticks for all of us. No one is safe.

So I ask, why the hate? Why aren't we more afraid of the end? Someone could walk in right behind you as you read this post and slit your throat, ear to ear, with an ivory handled straight razor and there is not a single thing you'd be able to do about it. You'd not even be able to finish reading this post.

So, whatever you do, be afraid. Cuz the clock ticks for all of us.


Nov 5, 2011


Brands are for cattle, said someone poor who was not able to afford brands. Being social animals, humans are geared toward competitive spirit. There are some so called "deviants" who like to think of themselves different from common people and society without realising that they are already in a social group of their own. You can't live in peace without being categorized. That's part one of the issue.

Now, within this social group, there are different classes. There is you who is reading this blogspot right now and there is your domestic help who cleans your house every morning. Does it still hurt? Both of you use different sort of brands. She might be brandishing a micromax QWERTY, and you might have an iphone4, but at the end of the day, you're both part of same herd mentality to appear better than your compatriots.

And it's all just appearance. I'm just a boy standing outside your house, drinking red bull. It just makes you "feel" good, it doesn't actually "make" you good. You could be the asshole who picks up his phone while driving on a major road and fucks up the road Zen for everyone else. Don't be that asshole. You are ugly and dying. Be your own brand, don't rely on a corporate gimmick to make you who you are.

Being your own brand takes work, hard tough work. The kind that no one likes because it is easy to buy an iPhone but difficult to create another machine that will equal the finesse offered by the gadget. IPhone is just an example, you can substitute the brand of your own liking. 

Nov 4, 2011

Behavior Modification.

I've never studied psychology in school or college, but it has always interested me as a science for behavior modification of people. There are subtle things we can do to alter our own behavior or that of the people around us. Many times in life we come across idiots in workplace, family, on the roads, in class rooms, in the virtual world. Such people are assholes, and as long as I am not the president and supreme ruler of the world, assholes will continue to exist.

There isn't much you, in your powerless and pithy existence, can do to eradicate the assholes from your life or virtual world. But you can make modification in your own behavior to change how the assholes perceive you from target to a threat.

The key is lying.

If they have made an image of you as a docile and peaceful person who is mayor of some shitty coffee house in his/her shitty town, then you need to work on that and change it. Here are some suggestions which you can use, albeit with your own discretion. Any harm resulting from doing these things is not my problem. I don't even know you, why are you reading this? Where are my pants? Damn.


Talk about hunting dinosaurs on your twitter account.
Instead of checking into CCD, write that you've checked into local slaughter house to get some exercise by murdering cute rabbits.
Strike fear in hearts of your haters by regularly posting your images in various poses of insane accomplishment. You can Photoshop your face on Putin's images of feeding tigers, hunting whales, murdering civilians with ninjas powers etc.
I will kill and eat your children.
You can also try to post images which show you climbing mount Everest or your local garbage dump. Live dangerously.
Phew, my thumbs are tired of typing.
More later, meanwhile, hack your behavior!! 

Nov 3, 2011

Pig in my pocket

Pigs are filthy creatures. I read somewhere that a pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. Which is pretty insane. So what do I do with this pig in my pocket.

This little piggy keeps me connected. It allows random strangers who own pigs of their own to disturb me at any fucking time of day or night. I'm addicted to the piggy, so are you. We all are. Soon the pigs will take over, they will drill in our heads and eat our thoughts, shitting out manufactured emotions. Everything we say or do will be decided by the pigs. Actual human contact will soon be a taboo and a sin punishable by social boycott.

Just some thought. I'm typing this on my pig. I can't turn it off, it will be angry.

Nov 2, 2011

So while nanowrimo is on...

It would be counter productive if I updated the blog when I could be writing to take my November project forward, but these blog posts will be short and I'll post them only from my phone.

This coming month I'll be talking a lot about me, about the things that bother me, about the things I don't give a fuck about and why I don't and if I should. I used to have a rant blog earlier which google shut down cuz it got too ranty, yeah it happens. After that incident I just didn't feel like reviving that space again. So, yeah, this November is going to be rant special on a story a day.

There might be multiple posts in a day depending on my mood, so don't complain. I'd prefer if instead of complaining about my activities, you did something about them like jumping off a cliff or shoving a moving drill in your ear. I can confirm that it will help you get rid of the pain of reading my stupid blog posts.

With hate and malice and all sort of evil things.