Dec 31, 2009

Because 27 is a good number of stories

It's getting colder. Yeah, we all know that, but for anyone who wants to bang fingers into the keypad to get the words out of his head, cold is not a good thing. It is uncomfortable, just like being wet, just like being hungry. I've been all three at different points in my life and miserably so. I got this laptop in 2008. Before that I didn't even own a desktop. I think I've said this before, but it's 6 AM, i've pulled an allnighter working on a project and i AM going to diatribe here.

December thought generally not a good month for me, has been particularly good this year. Infact, bad things also happened, but the minor bad things too over the awesome parts of the day, like the excitement of writing something weird, funny, crazy, WTF, totally insane at the end of the day. That excitement kept me going, whether I was in mood to write, whether I had had a fight with someone, or maybe I didn't have a good day at office, I knew that one thing in my control was writing a story. Heck, I could be using this time to write a story, but I am listneing to Pearl Jam and writing things which do not make much sense to me. I am tired. I am not even going to revise whatever shit I am writing, i'm just going to post it as such. I think I'll grab some winks now but before I go,

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you from Me, N and the blog too. So, that's like triple best wishes. Me, my alter ego and the blog. Which other blog gives you that? None.

And on a side note, may you get drunk like you've never gotten drunk before, may you get laid like the last person on planet earth, may your drugs be good, and your partners faithful, may the cops ignore you when you break traffic rules, may you win a lottery and if not that may you find money on the street, may the people you like start to love you more than you love them, may the good things come to you slowly, so that you can learn to appreciate them, may your fights be tough, so that the victories are sweet, may your heart be strong, like a Dragon's, full of fire and energy.

I'm out.

Dec 28, 2009

The Case of Two Pills

The Matrix. It was the bald guy from Matrix movie.

What was his name? Sandman something.

He was always sleepy I guess. I couldn't see the hot babe with him. She was there in the movie right?

Then, this guy showed me his palms, just like the movie, there was a red pill and a blue pill on his palms.

Ah, i know what happens now!

"What will you choose?" he asked me, "the red pill or the blue pill?"

And at that moment I could not remember which pill Neo chose?

So, I ate them both. The bald dude shook his head and smacked his palm on his forehead.

The pills tasted funny.
No other movie gets as cool as Matrix. Seriously. That one was epicness redefined and nothing will ever be as cool as that.