Oct 15, 2009

I Can Haz SkullCandy Skullcrushers!

This is kinda off topic from our blog's theme. But given the awesomness of the subject at hand, we have to talk about these. I got these babies in mail yesterday. At my office address because I am mostly in office in daytime.  So, it is this BIG package that is wrapped tighter than tight which ofcourse makes for excellent security for the headphones. I took the package to my desk, opened it and  out came these beautiful babies, SkullCrushers. Everyone in office was asking me where I got them from and the burning jealousy in their eyes was a sweet sweet high. Yeah, let me remember and savor that moment for a sec.

Right, so at home I started to open the package and I couldn't figure out how to! Oh Woe! So, out came the trusty SwissKnife and I delicately and surgically went MEDIVEAL on the plastic packing. After 15 minutes of careful cutting and slicing, these babies were in my hands. But I didn't have a battery, and they need a battery for the bass to operate. I prodded through the package looking for what else was there and...i saw an AA cell. Batteries included. Wow. When was the last time you bought an electronic item with the battery included. (Don't say your cellphone!). It's the small touches that matter when a person opens the packing of a new gadget. I got a carrying case, 3 different kinds of adapters, a cell, an awesome warrenty card, and the lil skull logo in the package is actually a sticker that will soon be placed somewhere nice and cool.

That said, i put in the battery, switched on the headphones, plugged them in the laptop. Played a song and nothing happened. No sound. Then silly me flicked a switch on the bass gadget on the headphones and BOOM! I was a fan! It literally made my eyes go wide and my mouth hang open in a WOOOOAAAAAHHHH!

I listened to songs I have probably heard hundreds of times and there were new sounds on those songs with these headphones. Too awesome. Beyond awesomeness, really.

Right, now i hear some voices from deep inside your soul, what you want a pair too? Yeah, well you can check out SkullCandyIndia's Facebook page Here and you can bother SkullCandyIndia on Twitter Here.

The headphones are still getting launched all over India, so best time to snag them and make your friends jealous. And yes, the bass will melt your brain into a slush of awesomness!
SkullCrushers and Sups. They can both crush your skull.