Feb 1, 2011

Day 0 – The Fist Of God

The nuclear missile was fired from space.

First, it floated around the planet in a geosynchronous orbit and then gravity took hold. The thrusters in the missile fired to align it to its target.  Once stabilized, the core rockets took hold of speed and the missile ripped through layers of atmosphere. Propelled by rockets, it fell so fast that the sonic booms it created in its path were heard for miles. This was death. Pure, clean and simple. Riding on the chariot of technology, promising oblivion to anything and everything that stood in its path.

The missile's target was a small hut in middle of Amazon rain forest. The man in the hut was oblivious to a certain death that raced his way. The animals sensed that something was wrong but there was nothing they could do to escape their fates. Most of the species that were found only in the forest were doomed. The man in the hut heard the sonic booms when the missile was miles away from the floor of the forest, but he just buried his head deep in his pillow and went back to sleep.

The missile's core was starting to heat up and first stages of reaction were already in place. The sensors in missile's nose locked onto the hut and a last burst of speed sent the missile rocking forth into the forest and it slammed into the hut like a fist of an angry god.

It was a spectacular explosion. The images of the mushroom cloud that rose were captured by the satellite that had fired the missile. Several species of exotic animals were wiped off the surface of the planet forever. The rain forest burned like an image of hell and the fallout made any hope of life impossible for another 100 years or so.

And then, something stirred in the rubble.

So, it begins.


Day 0