Aug 20, 2014

Why Priya is a Bad Boss

Priya's cute, though.

People smarter and wordier than me have written enough about the Airtel advert featuring the boss/wife Priya.

Words like feminism, gender and patriarchal society were definitely thrown around as people outraged and wrote explosive tweets and DM’d people for retweets. 

I’ve had a tiff with feminism earlier, and it was not pretty. So I am not even going to try to fuck with what I don’t understand. I am going to fuck with what I DO understand which is how shit works in an office.  

Here’s how that ad goes.

Priya is the boss lady and she has to get a project done within a deadline, but because she’s been lazy and undisciplined, she forgets about the deadline. The bosses above her want a report but she has no report to show! 

So what’s the boss lady gonna do? She is going to shove a danda up her team’s collective ass.

Nothing to do with the blog post, but just funny
Of course, here the Danda Theory comes into play.

(Danda Theory: When the upper management shoves a danda up the middle management’s ass, the middle management take out that danda, breaks it into small dandas and shoves them in the lower management’s ass who further shove the danda up the ass of interns and interns scream and yell at the office peons [They won’t teach you this theory in any B-school])

Anyway, so Priya’s husband works as her “subordinate” and guess whose ass she chooses to shove her danda in? (disturbing image) Right, the poor husband. She calls him in her office and tells him, “Sorry, yeh to karna hi padega.” (or something similar, I don’t get paid to remember shit like that)

And BAM! This one sentence in that whole ad fucked me up.

It made me want to buy a gun and shoot the TV. 

It made me want to kick a pug and yell Punjabi swearwords at kittens.

I was fucking furious when I saw that shit and there was smoke coming out of my ears!

See, once you leave aside the concepts like feminism, gender and sexism (I have no idea what they have to do with this particular ad), Priya is just a bad boss.

She literally makes her team do overtime for reasons better known to her (cuz she forgot that she had a deadline) and then she goes home to cook food while her team members drink shitty coffee and work on shit that was Priya’s responsibility.

The real kicker here is when she tries to distract her fucking husband/team member by sending him a video of the food!

The poor guy is tired, hungry and working on bad coffee and probably a shitty sandwich from office pantry and she sends him a fucking video of warm food? That’s barbaric! That’s inhumane!

But Priya has no limits.

She will not stop! No, sir!

She tells her husband/team member to leave the work and come home!

Who the fuck will do the work then?

Didn’t she just make that poor guy sit in office after everyone including Priya had left, and do work which was so fucking important just a few hours ago? Now she is telling him to come home! And by the time he gets home, whether work is done, or not done, the food will be cold!

Thanks, Priya for being a horrible boss/wife and even worse human being.

Near the end of that ad, just look at how the guy drops his phone once he is done looking at the video of the hot, delicious food.

That one second is the whole meat of the advert. 

You got hell coming for you, Priya. Hell.

The look on his face, the almost silent sigh as he turns towards the computer screen; all scream that he is going to beat the shit out of Priya when he gets home. Then he’ll eat all that food, too. I mean, the guy looks like he can throw a punch, no?

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