Jan 19, 2010

A Cartoon...

My entry at Clarity of Night was slightly molested by the some of the comments there, though I must admit I was at fault too, for not clarifying a point clearly in the story. I could have mailed our host Jason to make a slight correction and just remove the word Grandma from the story and make it she, the story would have been fine. But, had it been a print publication would I be able to correct the error? No sir. I thought about it and decided to let the error be.

So, this CoN contest is a lesson to me, to review/edit the stuff I write more carefully. Yup.

On second thoughts, maybe the kid was thinking of doing things to his Grandma.



P.S- I've been busy this side. Some kind of regular story telling will commence soon.

The cartoon above is from here.

Jan 13, 2010

Clarity Of Night :: My Entry :: #149 :: Things Boys Do

I have entered the Clarity of Night again. I woke up yesterday and wrote the story. Half awake and half asleep. There are mistakes in there but that's a part of the game. I have not written with the idea of winning this time it's just for having fun.

The story is called Things Boys Do and it's entry #149.

Please go there, read and comment if you like.

All said and done, lets all give big applause, thanks and respect to our host,  Jason Evans. With the number of entries going in this contest, the judging process, the managing part of all this, and the prizes. Everything!

Man, doing all that takes some management skills. A BIG thanks to Jason once again.

Here's my story.