Aug 4, 2017

Chapter Seven - An Unwelcome Guest

The story so far - Sybil is a mother, a retired warrior, and her past has come knocking on her door. The past, a cabal of ancient gods known as The Thirteen, wants her son for their nefarious schemes. But they will have to go through her to get to him. Now, trapped in a time stasis field, armed with a chatterbox mystical sword, Sybil is the only thing standing between The Thirteen and her son. But forces are moving in the background and things are getting a little complicated as more powers join in.

This is the story so far, and now, Chapter Seven.

There are guests that you can welcome in your home any day and then there are guests that make you want to burn down your own house and move to another country. And then there is the third kind of guests, that force themselves upon you.

They are simply the worst.

Sybil was facing the consequences of encountering one such uninvited guest. The man on the horse simply slammed into the flow of the fight, interrupting and distracting both Sybil and the demon she was trying to kill.

The demon with two bleeding stumps of his arms, stared at the large animal that was now heading towards him. The man on the horse was screaming himself hoarse with a war cry that sounded more like a gargle amplified through arcane magics and the sword he held in his hand was curved and much simpler looking than anything that was involved in the fight so far. It was going to get messy and quick.

Sybil sighed. The poor fuck was going to get himself killed.

As the man approached the towering demon, two things happened. His horse finally gave up under the exhaustion of running through the storm and finally getting through the time field. The animal’s front legs buckled. It fell face first into the ground. Second things that happened was that the fall sent the man flying over the horse’s head and through the air all the while he screamed his stupid gargling war cry.

The demon stood there looking at the whole spectacle with a dumb look on his face. Everything happened too quickly. It raised its swords in the flying man’s path to simply cut him in many different pieces on the account of his own momentum. At the final moment, a hair’s breadth from the two sharp blades, the man spun in the air and executed a perfect flip landing with two feet on the demon’s sword blade.

Shit, Sybil thought as she looked at the drama unfolding in front of her. The man jumped up from the demon’s sword blade, closing the gap between his sword and the demon’s neck. A single swipe from his curved sword and the demon’s head vanished in a mist of blood and flesh. The man flipped once and rolled onto his shoulder to break his fall. He rolled up and landed on one knee and other foot, sword still held by his side as the demon’s head dropped down, followed by his body.

In Sybil’s hand The Wraith snorted. That was impressive. I’d love to know this kid’s teacher or teachers. The man got up and started walking towards Sybil.

“I hope I was not too late,” he said as he sheathed his sword. “The time field around this area is too strong otherwise I would have reached here sooner.”

“How did you break in?” Sybil asked, a bit suspicious. In her experience, time fields were nearly impossible to break through. The only way things returned to normal is if the source of the time field was destroyed. And in her case, that would be The Thirteen hanging above her like demonic angels.

“I cut through with my sword,” the man said. Sybil looked at him again. There was something familiar about the man. His face, his eyes, the cut of his jaw and the way he carried himself struck some ancient memory in her mind.

“Do I know you?” She asked. “I feel like I know you.”

A smile lit up the man’s face. “Of course you know me. I am your son.”

YIKES! What? How? Why?

Ok, I'll tell you all this tomorrow.