Sep 14, 2010

Non Story Post :: The Science Of An Idea

Negative thinking is not good for your health or for the health of those around you, but negative thinking can be a great hub of ideas for writers who are looking for ideas.


Negative thinking means some kind of conflict, some kind of disturbance in the normal course of things. What is a comet was heading towards Earth right now? What if there is a girl in a white frock standing behind my chair this instant? What if a full convoy of commandos are coming to pick me up and take me to an unspecified location? These are all great what if scenarios. If you put some x,y,z character in a strange fix, a physical dilemma or even a moral one and then find a way out which the reader could not think of, you have a winner on your hands.

This is the way stories are written. When you, a writer, put your characters in hot water, you are putting your readers in hot water too, and then when you take the characters out of hot water because of some Deus-ex-machinia, then the readers also feel relieved. This is the reason why people watch horror/disaster movies. Because they want a positive resolution. They want the fake voice of hope in their hearts to be true. That's fiction, but it's good fiction and it sells. And what sells and puts food on your table and pays the bills, no matter how shitty the product, must be good.

Right? I hope so.

Now let me deal with this girl in white standing behind my chair.

Comments are open for discussion.

How do you come up with ideas?

Are positive resolutions to stories the only way to go?

Anything else you'd like to discuss?


Sep 5, 2010

When I am not writing stories....

...I am writing poems :)

Updated the Poetry blog today, with three new poems. More might come.

Do check it out.



Sep 2, 2010

NON Story Post -- All Is Not Well

International readers, the few of you, recently released Indian movie 3 Idiots was about the education system of the engineering in India. The movie popularized the phrase "All Izz Well"(sic) among the youth who, according to the movie, can stay calm by saying this phrase when all shit is getting shot to hell and back on the back of a rabid T-Rex.

All is well?


Since when the fuck has all been well? When the fuck will be well?

How long will it take us to realize that we're all in a state of constant degradation and we are slowly spiralling towards the end we are all supposed to meet. This fact scares me and disturbs me to a great degree. To think of a world where none of you will be there to read my stories. It shakes my faith in humanity and you tell me ALL IS WELL? FUCK THAT, i say.

All is NOT well good sir, 'even the Monalisa is falling apart' (Fight Club)

Through all the destruction of the soul and mind, we are hanging on to dirty filthy words like hope, love, kindness and empathy. There is nothing like that in the world. If you don't start cutting people, its only because people are cutting you. Right now. Yes.

Are you the one doing the damage to the universe or getting damaged by the universe?

Do you really, with all your heart and soul, believe in power of Love and Goodness? Don't answer this to me, answer this to yourself.

We're living in interesting times, ladies and gents, this is a WARZONE.

Show no mercy, because you shall receive none.