Jan 10, 2007

"It Sucks"

"The ball has a nice color" said number one.

"Indeed, but it sure does look out of shape, not exactly a ball, is it?" number two replied.

"I like the way it spins"

"I like the way it revolves in this big circle"

"But its strength is its weakness"

"Oh yeah? and what would that be?"

"It sucks"

"I guess that is why there are so many people stuck on it"

Both number one and number two laugh their hearts out looking at the little blue planet from outer space.

Old joke, but stay on earth does include a free trip around the sun ;)

The title is a comment on the lives of MMC - 2. (You know who you are)



  1. there are two things which brings me back to the "oh look at the world around you" thing...

    1 is those anime movies the other is your worldly horrendous writing...

  2. Thank you all!! you people are awesome for taking the time out to read :)