Feb 16, 2007

Graffiti in Chandigarh

GRAFFITI PROJECT REPORT ----------- we are working hard on it. Hopefully it will be done by Sunday....no stories till then but if we complete it earlier then ;) something wicked for you ;)

Chew on a few pictures we took todayYou can read English of course, as it says please don't write on the walls, someone wrote in Punjabi- "It's a thing of our own home, leave writing graffiti, bastards" Of course referring to the humongous amounts of graffiti in Rock Garden Chandigarh.

When art becomes the fart of the graffitist.
This is a serial graffiti found in many places in Chandigarh.

Hope you enjoyed!

Feb 10, 2007

"Fallout - Seven Feet Under"


Well, ladies and gentlemen, thanks supremely for all the kind words. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading the stories in "Fallout" as much as we did writing them. Click on the pictures, they are pretty big ;).
Lot of un-answered questions must be swirling in your head, so come back tomorrow for our first ever interview!

YAY! that sounds so rawkin!

God bless you all and thanks for the love.

P.S - any psychological insights based on our handwriting are welcome ;)

Feb 9, 2007

"Fallout - Six Seconds"

The sun was slowly making its way down to its silent lair, to charge up and bother the almost dead planet for another day. Charlie shook the vampire sleeping under a black sheet, "Wake up," he said,"its going down."

One hand snaked out of the black sheet, and rummaged around in a bag. After a second of rummaging around, the hand found what it was looking for and retreated with the bottle under the sheet.
"Liquid dinner huh?" Charlie asked the form under the blanket which replied with satisfied sounds of gulps.
She threw off the sheet and said, " At least I'm not drinking grease, metalhead."

"HEY!! I don't drink gr---"


The sound on the radar, stopped Charlie mid-sentence. He stared at the green console showing two blips heading their way.


"Uh, hey v,not that it matters but just asking, can you fly?"

The vampire was at Charlie's back in a second, "What are these dots?"

"They sure don't look like Santa Clause and his reindeers!" Charlie said "Of course they are bloody missiles and we have six seconds to bail!"

"Who fired them at us?"


"Who cares!!" he shouted," We gotta bail or we are toast!."


"Damm! ok, give me the parachute." she said.


"Uh, he he."

Charlie looked out of the window on his side at the one missile heading their way fast, then he saw the other object that made the second blip.

"Hey V!, guess what?, I just learnt to fly."

He grabbed her and jumped out of the open door as the missile hit the chopper above their heads and blew it to tiny tiny fragments.
Sam walked till he was at the edge of the sea and then he stepped in it. He kept on walking till the water got over his head. Soon his lungs were full of water and yet he was breathing normally. He kept walking, onwards, to the great place. He could feel the others coming.

For a few seconds they fell through the roaring noise of the wind and then with a jerk they both stopped, too far away from the ground to be dead. The vampire opened her closed eyes and looked at Charlie who was floating beside her. He pointed upwards with his thumb with a grin pasted on his face. The demon had them both in his firm grasp, his wings spread to their full length, gliding on air currents.

Charlie knew what was going to happen next, he motioned the vampire to cover her ears.
The vampire saw the serious expression,which he was maintaining with difficulty in his eyes and obliged. the next second she was glad she did.

Jason called out a name. His voice boomed like thunder and reverberated through her lungs like a million bass drums hitting home.

The demon Jason screamed again, just one word, "KIM."

The third time he screamed a large shadow appeared in the dusk and it seemed to be headed their way. Even faster than the missile, the vampire saw it coming their way and Charlie's happiness was leaping and jumping out of him on seeing that shadow.

Moon slowly rose in the cloudless sky and for a second the vampire could not believe her eyes.

The Dragon was beautiful.

Every molecule of that presence heading their way screamed power and soon the dragon was floating beside them.

"Hey Kim, hows it hanging?" Charlie asked her, "Kim, this is vampire, she has no name, vampire meet Kim, she is a, uhm...dragon." he tried at introductions and failed miserably.

Jason put them both on dragon's back and settled there himself too, crossing his legs.

The vampire was still too mystified to speak anything.

"This is much faster than the chopper, hang on tight ok." Charlie said.

The dragon changed course and started flying west.

"She is going the wrong way, we have to go to Sam, he is up North!" she managed to mutter.

"She always knows where Sam is." Charlie said, "Always."

"Oh yeah" said the vampire, " So where is she heading, where Sam is?"

"Bermuda triangle."

"and why there?" she asked him.

Charlie at once managed a serene expression on his face and said, "Salvation baby."


We are almost at the end!! and somehow we don't want it to finish, but as the great GWAR once said, "Everything that has a start, the end is always the best part."

So the best is coming your way.

P.S this post was almost triple the usual length we
write, if you felt bored anywhere, the fault is just ours.

P.P.S The 4ooth comment has hit home and the [un] lucky winner of the password to A Story A Day is Mr. Oskar, who might not have updated his blog since Jan 23 but is surely alive and kicking ass. So, he gets my password for a day and lets just all hope that he greets us with a story or something equally interesting. Cuz the dude is good.

P.P.P.S - The fallout ends tomorrow...what after that you ask yourself....well.... :)

Feb 8, 2007

"Fallout - Five Bullets"

Charlie struggled with the control of the chopper in the heavy winds that rocked the machine to and fro. The control stick rattled in his hand like the south end of a rattle snake.

"DUDE!!" he screamed into the magaphone, "it would help if you flew a little far away."

The Demon flying beside the chopper looked at the little machine that whispered something. He at once changed his direction and soon he was flying eastwards , whereas the chopper continued its way north.

"Where is he going now?" the vampire asked Charlie, her voice dripping with irritation.

Charlie looked eastwards, where a small curve of the rising sun crept upwards from the middle of the ruined landscape. The Demon looked like he was flying into the rising sun.

He tossed a pair of Ray-Bans to the vampire.

"Where is he going?" she asked as she put on the goggles.

"Honey," Charlie said with a hint of fear in his mechanical eyes, "believe me, you don't wanna know."

Thoughts, thoughts, and thoughts.

A vortex of thoughts spun inside the demon's head and then some bass tabletures joined in the fray and his mind slowly worked itself into a calm state.

He continued flying eastwards, into the face of the sun, when he saw the first signs of a destroyed city began to appear. The cars left on the highways, the building sans the glass windows, broken children of the shock waves left by the missile.

He flew deep inside the city and found the building he was looking for, away from the circumference of the blast. The building lay in ruins, all its windows shattered inwards. He landed on the first floor and crunched an empty CD case marked with Fifth Symphony under his foot.

A woman's body lay on the lay on the chair, riddled with broken glass pieces, her head back, arms open, a hole through her heart. The blood on her dress faded away to a muddy purple. Her skin rotting away due to the radiation. The demon looked at her for a second and two, he bowed his head and headed inside the apartment. He calmly stepped through the door inside the apartment not caring to open it.

The man, still alive, sat on the chair. His gun had fallen to the floor few hours ago through his rotting fingers. A small wheezing noise showed that he was still breathing, his heart quickened a pace on seeing the monstrous form that walked through the door.

The demon picked up the gun, his finger barely fitting through the trigger guard. He shot the remaining five bullets into the man. The knees first, then the lungs and the last bullet in his stomach.
He bent close to his head and whispered into his ear, "Die in pain." The man's ear drum ruptured and blood started to drip from his ear.

The demon left the room, he looked once more at the figure of the dead woman.

"Rest in peace, my friend."

He flew off to chase the chopper.

Greater things awaited him.
I feel that Fifth Symphony was not the strongest of EOTW stories, but it left the readers at a very interesting juncture and as RockDog said 'what if the guy had shot the girl.'

Well, buddy, Lo and behold!

I'll be very frank with you people, I didn't know how to write today's part. Even when I started I didn't know how I'll end it, then when I saw the older story while linking it in today's post, I saw Rock's comment and something sparked in my head. So Thanks to him, today's story got finished.

Tomorrow....The chopper crashes.

Feb 7, 2007

"Fallout - Four Strings"

The chopper rose in the dust covered sky with the grace of a drunk eagle. Inside the big machine Charlie headbanged to the sounds of Paranoid. Sitting beside him in the co-pilot's seat the vampire muttered a litany of the most profane curses under her breath and waited for the song to finish.

"Where are we going?" She asked him.

"Where ever the wind takes us sweetheart." he replied
The circuits in his head shackled once more as her blow swung home.

"We are going north, that's where Sam was seen last." he said, paused and spoke again "Uh, but we have to make a little detour."

"We have to pick someone."
"Oh great", she winced in spite of herself "Just fucking great."

"Yeah, it is." Charlie replied happily "I mean of all the people, we get to pick Jason, I mean, fuck, I can't believe my luck!"

"Charlie," she spoke with a menacing growl, "make it quick."

"Will you let go of the angry mood once in a while and show some love?"


She noticed the book lying in Charlie's lap, it moved up and then down and repeated the same.

"What the fuck is that?" she sneered.


In the tower high above the skies, the Demon continued his practise.

His fingers slid effortlessly over the monstrous apparatus with the ease of a knife slicing through butter. The wall of speakers almost bursting out under the force of the melodies he was ripping up one after another. His fingers missed a fret and he screamed in frustration as the whole melody fell down like a house of cards.
He put the instrument down and stopped the timer at 23:59:11 .

"Fuck." he grumbled.

He looked out of the window of his tower to see Charlie's chopper hanging in mid air. Charlie's mystified grin pasted on the chopper's glass screen, fingers of his both hands raised in devil horns.

"DUDE!!!" the megaphone blasted Charlie's excited voice "We gotta get Sam."

The Demon nodded at the big machine.

"What are you waiting for then?" he said " Jump in!, we are going north."

"I'll fly." the demon Jason's volcanic voice shook the chopper for a second and Charlie had to struggle with the stick to gain back control.

"Cool, " the megaphone said ,"follow us."

The demon picked up his bass guitar and headed for the window.


Ah, four down.
Three more to go!! yippers!!
So, we got a horny android guitarist, a pissed off vampire, and a demon with a bass guitar and who has wings and who can FLY!...How cool is that?

I'm fighting hard the impulse of crashing the chopper and killing them all, believe me its hard.


where the fuck is Sam?

Hope you had fun reading!

Feb 6, 2007

"Fallout - Three Songs"

The vampire had no name.

No one asked her that and those who did didn't live to know it.

Right now, she stood in the almost dead city, listening carefully for the big sound coming closer and closer. She knew it from somewhere but just couldn't put her finger on what it was.

The Chopper rose from behind the building to the right of her, its one search-light sweeping the deserted streets like the eye of a one-eyed eagle. The mega-phone blasting out Frank Sinatra's strangers in the night to no one in particular.

The search-light found her and fixed itself on her. The song stopped playing and a mechanical voice cleared its throat in the mega-phone.

"Hey baby, you alone?" the big machine spoke "Need a ride?"

She stared at the big machine and cursed under her breath, she knew the owner of the voice.
End of the world, and the first person you meet is him.

"Fucking shit." she whispered.

"Oi baby!! Did you say something to daddy?" the chopper spoke, "Let daddy put this birdy down and have a talk with you."

The missile whooshed past her shoulder and smashed into the car behind her, blowing it up in a ball of flames.

"Uh, sorry, wrong button."

She flipped the finger to the chopper.
The megaphone crackled with static and Enter Sandman started to play on it.
Slowly the big machine landed on the deserted street.

Before the pilot could step out on the road, she had her hands on his metal neck.

"Enough of your smart-ass bullshit metalman, I need to find Sam and if you don't help me, your circuits won't survive see another 24 hours." She snarled into his ear.

"I love you too, baby." Charlie grinned at her.

"Climb in." he told her "Lets find that idiot."

"You charged fully?" she asked.

"Oh yeah baby....I'm fully charged." he winked at her

She slapped him hard in the back of his head, her fingers hurt on striking the metal.

"Fly this bird, robot, we need to find him."

As the chopper rose in the air Charlie switched the track to Bat Out of Hell.


Hey thanks for reading this far...say something, show that you care.

Yes its getting longer, but we are going somewhere interesting, I assure you.

Charlie the Android joins us in this part. He flies the chopper and plays guitar in the 2 member dead band "Three Kings". He likes to play his favourite songs in a deserted post-apolyptic world through the megaphone of his chopper.

Tomorrow, the search for Sam continues and we find a bonus something.

Something scary.


Feb 5, 2007

"Fallout - Two for Trouble"

The girl wakes up with a startle and knocks the bottle of vodka off the table. It shatters with a bang on the floor, dead and broken, its precious innards strewn on the floor for rats to lick.

That is, if, there were any rats in the bunker.

Her head is clear in a second and the primitive urge of hunger makes her insides squirm. The boy lies inert on the chair in front of her, his head resting in cradle his arms on the table. She ignores him and heads for the refrigerator and takes out one bottle of human blood. Just one more remains.

Soon, the pangs of hunger stop troubling her.

"Jesus." she swears, "It feels good."

She heads for the table and picks up the gun and rolls open the chamber. Then she replaces the fake bullet with a real, live one from the pocket of her jeans.

She shoots the boy in his head at point blank range, his brain plastering the wall behind him.

She calmly rolls off his dead body off the chair onto the floor and takes the key of the bunker from his pocket. She shoulders the bug-out-bag from the cupboard and puts the second bottle of blood in it. The door with the lock and an alphanumeric keypad don't stop her as she punches in her own birth date and turns the key.

Outside the world is a picture of utter calm and peace.

No stars shine in the night sky but everything is a dull gray. A shroud of darkness fallen upon the remains of whatever civilization is left. Her eyes get accustomed to the darkness from centuries of living in it.

She knows she has a long way to go and she also has to find Sam.

The cars deserted in the roads are welcoming and half her mind is made up to "take" one when the steady thrum far away distracts her.

Something huge.

Something moving.

Something fast.

The vampire smells trouble.

If you've read this far, Thanks!

So, we have an immortal and a vampire in the story so far.

Tomorrow, we rock the town ;)

Feb 4, 2007

"Fallout - One Alone"

Sam sat near the edge of the crater the missile had created.

His clothes smoldered to bare threads.

The hair on his body, burnt to ashes.

His coffee, vaporized.

The white wires of his iPod earplugs stuck to his skin like two grotesque veins extending from a frankestinean corpse. He scratched his now bald head where a few minutes ago his hair used to be. The radiation was starting to tingle. He scratched himself a bit more.

He looked inside the crater where the vapors of his black coffee were acquainting themselves with the radiation.

"I hate laser guided nuclear missiles." he said in disgust.

He wanted to get up and make a move but he knew it would be a while before his energy returned. The others had to be contacted. He knew they were out there somewhere.

He sat for a few moments by the edge of the Crater, naked, poisoned with radiation, without music and without his black coffee.

Life, was just great.

So much for being an immortal.

Did the world really end?

We don't think so!
More madness coming your way.

For the past check out the links to previous seven stories in the sidebar.


Relax, we got it all under control ;)

Feb 2, 2007

Whats been going on.....

I'm preparing something big for you all to read. ;)

This is taking some time and effort, more than usual and also because life just got a bit more hectic, I have been dabbling in many things at once, but there are not many things dear to me than writing stories....


Be prepared for the nuclear bomb to your brain cells.

Bon Appetite :)