Apr 25, 2008

Of all things fucked up

There are times when a man loses control of the 'life' that goes on around him. The world spins a tad bit faster and everything is just a shady blur. People, places, work, faces, all the blogs that I read, spin, spin, spin, and spin a bit faster. I'm not even drunk yet, no disease, no nothing. I don't feel like complaining but maybe I am doing that only. Complaining is supposed to feel good and I do not feel good right now. Man, who thought things would come down to this.

I checked my story count few days back, and it showed 195 stories, adding the 5 stories I have written in the clarity of night contests, takes the total to, well do the math geniuses, 200 (yes! you got that right, get in line for the medal). It's been some two years of blogging, or maybe more, I do not know, and I do not care. Right now, there is a kind of tiredness that has crept in me. The new job, the time spent working in office, the pressures of stupid varieties, the girlfriend, the parents, and almost everyone who is anyone wants one  or the other thing.

Is this what becomes of a man? I mean what are you in the end? What am I in the end? Am I the time I can give to someone? Am I the piece of my life that someone wants? Am I my money? Am I my place to stay? Am I the constant source of entertainment, always at someone's beck and call? Am I the rubbish bin in which you can throw all your baggage and fucking recycle it? Am I a fucking listening post? Am I the downloads I have done? What the fuck am I? What the fuck have I become? What the fuck am I going to be?

Right now, I'm pissed off. At life, universe and everything. Someone's gonna pay for this. Someone's fucking going to pay for this.

I'm just blabbering. And I'll continue to do so, till the stories come back.

War and Hate.

P.S- Jon, Five things that are good, consider them pending. I'm looking for them, so far the score stands at -1

Apr 21, 2008

Update!-BRB-Brain Really Bummed

Well, things have been pretty slow here in story land. The minions of life have raised their armies against your humble storyteller. There is lot of shit going around and I'm somehow trying to make sense out of it all and in the meanwhile the stories are getting logged up in the back of my head, screaming, begging, and threatening me to write write write write or fucking die. I'm not dead yet, but i can not even write. Writer's block this is not, because I know what That feels like.

This is a weird case of life, which can happen to any of us. All i can do right now, is promise you that I will be back with new, crazy, funny and weird stories. I do not know when I'll get back to writing, maybe right after this or maybe another week. I truly have no idea. My brain right now, is Bummed.

Anyway, hope you all are doing fine out there, and life is treating you damn well, as it should be.
Hope your drinks are solid and you have people to drink with, and well may all the good shit happen to you :)


Apr 8, 2008

Reading a Gazzilion Blogs With Google Reader!

Hey all, I was talking to a friend few days back and he told me that he reads blogs the old fashioned way by going from link to link in his blogroll. Amazing! I thought. It's like dialing up in the age of broadband...then I talked to a few more friends, and a shocking realisation dawned.

People do not know about Google Reader.

Now, I know that as readers of A Story A Day all of you are super cool and at the cutting edge of the latest technology but, BUT, there are still too many people who do not know about Google Reader, and there are those who know about it but are not using it!

So, here are my two rupees, check out Google reader NOW and believe me, reading blogs would never be the same again :)

How does it work do I hear you say?

Well, without going into the technical details look for the small square orange icon that you see at so many places on the web, on blogs, news sites and well, some of our high tech porno sites too. That small icon is the symbol of a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed and you can use an external feed reader or Google reader to subscribe to that feed and receive updates from that website.

Google Reader uses your Gmail ID to log into and once logged in, its all pretty self explanatory, you just shove in the URL of the blog/news site/ porn site you wanna 'subscribe' to and voila! you are done.

Build a list of your favourite blogs and every time a blog updates you can read it through your feed reader without the bother of going to the URL to check for updates. Though, ofcourse be nice enough to go and leave a comment on the blog, IFF you like what you read.

And, now, in bulleted points some advantages of Google Reader:
  • An organized list of blogs.
  • It remembers the blog and the URL, even if you forget.
  • You can star a post for reading later.
  • You can email a post you like to your friends because,well, Sharing is Caring.
  • Make separate folders for Blogs, News Sites and :) Porn sites.
  • Display your chosen blogs in the side bar of your blog!> like in mine, check in the sidebar
  • User friendly interface.
  • Google reader keeps all old posts in its archive so even your favorite author goes mad and decides to delete the blog, well, you still have all them steller posts ;)
  • Besides...It's Google, It's fun!(C)
You can subscribe to the feed of A Story A Day by clicking on the small orange icon marked "clicky clicky" or just cut and paste the URL of this blog in the "Add Subscription" part of Google Reader.

And there we go, All done. So, if you are still not using Google reader, what are you doing here?! Go here!

And for fuck's sake switch to Firefox :P


Stories will resume soon i.e., when I get a few comments on what you thought of this post :)

Apr 3, 2008

Graw's Head

Graw sat in the sun and cursed the seven gods his mother made him worship when he was a kid. The sun beat down on his shaved head like a golden broom. Graw looked around for some respite from the heat but the streets were deserted and not a spot of shade was to be seen in the street he was in. He hefted his backpack on his shoulder and walked on.

Drops of blood fell from the wet cloth of the back pack and left a trail of red behind Graw. The bag squirmed on his back and Graw swore under his breath. He put the bag down and let loose a volley of mad kicks and stomps on the already beaten bag.

"Don't you fucking dare move head!" he shouted at the bag, "You fucking dare again and I'll eat you myself!"

The bag fell silent like some non living thing. Graw picked up the bag and looked at the street signs for the shop he had been told to visit. After a torturous walk in the blazing sun he found the shop. He pushed the door and a smell of formaldehyde, dirt and cleanliness assaulted his nose.

"Fuckin right" he murmured.

A man magically appeared behind the small counter by the wall and Graw slammed his back pack down on the hard wood of the counter. The bag made a small wet slap. The shopkeeper brightened up at the size of the bag. The bag started to leak blood. The shopkeeper hurriedly took a small notebook from under the counter and cut a receipt to Graw.

Graw pocketed the receipt and turned to leave but right then the shopkeeper made a small sound in his throat. Graw turned and saw the scowl on the shopkeeper's face. The man held up his right hand with two fingers up and a demand on his face.

"Oh, that," Graw said, a bit embarrassed, how could he have forgotten. He went near the table, jammed his hands on the sides of his neck and unplugged his own head with a small pop sound.

"There," said the head on the table to the shopkeeper," now if can you please show my body to the door?"
Two heads for the price of one, Graw got cheated. Did anyone notice? Heh.
Well, editing words all day and then writing your own at the end of the day is a tough titty. 80% of the time one is only editing the previous lines.

Next post will be something other than a story, we'll tell you how to keep track of a gazillion blogs in one go :)