Jan 18, 2016

Excuses are easy, work is hard.

I don't live a life governed by too many rules, but there are certain points that I try to follow in my life. So, just to give you a taste of some of these rules that make me, me -- this is a post covering some of those points.

a) No is easy to say, yes is hard to do --- Oh, man. The trouble this has saved me for years. Really, if you don't want to do something, say so. Many people in life keep saying yes to others so as to not offend them or to maintain some kind of favor with them, but if you keep saying yes, it's going to land you in a spot of bother sooner or later. None of us are supermen or superwomen, we have limits when it comes to physical or mental tasks. Believe it or not, if you don't learn to say no to people, then god save you.

b) Lie as close to truth as you can -- Come on, we all lie. Little harmless lies or big lies that can change destinies. Other than having an alibi for your lie (woah, rhyme), you need to keep your lie as believable as possible. Wrap your lie in a cloth spun with truth and you're golden.

c) Quit while you're ahead -- Sometimes, when you know you're at the top of your game and it's only going to go downhill from there on, get the fuck out. It might be painful, it might itch for a while, but the wounds scab over sooner or later and only scars remain. And that's fine. Why burn out at one thing when you can be better at something else instead?

d) Is the juice worth the squeeze? -- Stuck on a difficult decision? Don't know whether to go for it or not, just ask yourself this question. It really helps. Is the result you might get really worth the effort you're going to put into it? Often in life, we keep banging our heads against problems that are not really worth our time, the juice is just not worth the squeeze you're applying to it, so, uh, squeeze something else.

e) Dare to be stupid -- There are times when we think that we're being stupid as fuck and if we go ahead we're going to be the laughing stock of the village and all that shit. Fuck it. Do it. Be stupid if you've to be. But you're still one step ahead of someone who is not even making the effort to be stupid. A shit effort is any day better than zero effort. Right? And if nothing else, it'll be good for some laughs and you'll learn not to do that stupid shit again.

That's just some, there are many more. Be mindful, that this shit works for me, and it might not work for you. Your milage will absolutely fucking vary, cuz you're not me.

So, I suggest, find your own life code and follow it. We all need a code. Dig? Good. That was the whole point of this post. 

Jan 10, 2016

What's good in life?


If you're alive and kicking it's a reason to give thanks to the higher powers. You've got 24 hours in a day, everyone has the same time too. Who's using it better? You are.

See, if you consider all other things being equal, we're all going to die. Some of us will be remembered once we are gone, others will become a part of the celestial dust, just some ink on paper or digital garbage in some file somewhere. That's all that some of us might amount to. And you know the funny thing, it's okay. It doesn't matter. Nothing really matters in the long run. The things we sweat and struggle and toll about only affect us till the moment we're alive. Once we shuffle off the mortal coil, become a part of the stars or some shit, our problems become someone else's problems.

So, maybe the hard work you're doing is for others. For the next generations. Maybe they'll value it, maybe they won't. You will not have a way to know.

Because, after all, luck is also a factor. Honest, hardworking, able, confident, real people get fucked because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the same time, thieves, scoundrels, and monsters keep living amongst us, and they thrive! Thrive!

It's like watching a shitty twitter account gain followers, while you've been toiling away at twitter every day with expertly crafted tweets that you painstakingly go over to look for typos and grammar issues. Who the fuck cares and what the fuck does it matter?

But Pallav, you say, *I* care! I care about my follower count, what I leave for the future generations when I leave the world, I want to leave a name, I want to leave my-mark-on-the-face-of-the-planet.

To which, I'd reply, really? Do you often kid yourself like this? You're just playing yourself, my friend. In a 100 years or so, nothing is going to matter because the planet is going to either die a heat death or get involved in water wars so fierce that it will wipe out maximum population of the world and most of the people who've read this blog post.

So who's right at the end? You or me? I am.

Oh, and comments are open right now. Write a few words if you disagree with me or want to tell me to fuck off and shove a print out of this post where the sun don't shine. 

Jan 2, 2016

Why resolutions suck and you should do away with them.

New year, new me! yay! Here's your medal and a complementary fuck you.

It's the same bullshit year after year after year with people shouting their resolutions from rooftops, their blogs, and posting their resolutions on social media, cramming it down the throats of unwilling followers, who are tired of rolling their eyes at not-this-shit-again.

I mean, come on, anyone over 23 should come to the realization that life doesn't change or get better just because it's a new day and a new year. It's just a change of date, if you were a lazy, unmotivated bucket of lard on 31st of december, then you're going to be the same on 1st of jan, stop kidding yourself.

Buhh..buh..but, Pallav! how you can you say things like this, you say. How can you shit on the dreams and desires of people who are trying to be better, who are trying to lose weight, or get in shape, or wake up early, or make more money, or be better at their relationships, or keep their dog/fish/cat/dinosaur alive and well fed?

How can you tell them to stop making resolutions and get on with their lives like it's (gasp!) not even a newyearnewme?

I do this because I love you and I care for you, and I don't want you to be buttfuck hurt and disappointed in future when your dreams get their throats cut by your indifference and lack of enthusiasm.

The reasoning behind is simple, if you've waited till new year to bring in a "new me" well, then the new me isn't going to happen. Real desire to change or be better doesn't wait for a fucking muhurat. If you want to do something, you fucking do it. That's it.

If you've made a resolution or something of that sort, seriously, quit it while you're ahead. No point in pouring in effort and time into something that will eventually lead to same you as last year.

Just chill and bask in the glory of laziness and comfort zone.