Nov 30, 2013

How do you avoid losing at life?

We all feel like losers every time or the other. Your parents might make you feel bad, your friends might shit on your plans, your significant other might do things that might tick you off,  heck,  you might wake up grumpy and with a headache for no reason at all.

In fact,  many people keep feeling like losers for all their bloody lives and they don't even know it.

So how can *you* stop feeling like a loser if any of these circumstances befall you?

The first thing you have to do is to understand the game. Life is an incredibly long game. And we all lose in the end.

Only the *condition* in which we lose differs from each other.

And your only condition is your now and present moment. If you become hell bent and brutal on living every moment like it's an amazing gift, you can not only stop living like a loser but when the day comes that you die, you'll die happy.

You have to stop compromising your happiness.

That's all.

Nov 25, 2013

Every life is a series of horrible mistakes

Come on,  we all make mistakes. There is no escape from that. Right now as you read this, people are making horrible mistakes that will change the course of their life as well as the life of many others. 

That's the way the world works.  We live, we learn and there are times when we do not learn, so we pay for our mistakes.

People are often proud, which never helps. It only makes their faults and mistakes appear bigger and more difficult to correct.

Do you understand?

I've been busy in past week and my total spring output had been close to zero. That means for all the talk I do about nanowrimo, I might not be able to complete it this year. Many factors have contributed to this. Because that's the way life rolls. 

I've made myself immune to false hopes, so yeah, I guess I'll use my time for better things. Like?  I don't know.

I'll just sit here and vegitate.

Nov 1, 2013

How I Write

I have a laptop.

It is a Toshiba laptop. I know this because there is Toshiba written on its back in big, bold, all caps silver letters. It has a keyboard and it has a screen. I charge it with the supplied charger and it holds some three hours of charge. It is two years and some months old. It has a 320Gb hard disk. I don't know much else about this laptop.

The operating system I use is Linux Mint 13 "Maya" which is a long term release. It probably means that this edition of OS will be supported till 2017 or so. 

I've often felt the tingling need to change to another distro, but Mint works and it works well for me. So why fix something that isn't broken?

I use the Libre Office Writer and Pluma for writing. Pluma is like Gedit, but for some reason it's called Pluma in Linux Mint. I write most of my blog posts in Gmail and email them to the blog.

I backup things in Dropbox.

I have many notebooks and I write in them regularly.

I also write on my phone. It's an iPhone 3GS. There are many apps, but I use Notes app and email whatever I write to myself. I also use Day.One app to write something daily.

I write on my tablet, too. It's a Samsung Tab 2. The Android diary app Momento is good. I mostly write just after I wake up in the morning. Most diary entries are records of dreams I have the night before.

For fiction writing, I like to listen to Metal before starting writing. But when I am writing, I avoid music or listen to something soft (Sting's album The Last Ship is pretty good).

For any technical writing, I prefer silence.

And that is how I write.

(NaNoWriMo started pretty okay, wrote close to 3K words today)

Want to wish me luck? do it at @69fubar on Twitter.