May 7, 2014

21 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

  1. People lie on facebook...
  2. ...a lot
  3. Comment trees with irrelevant discussions that you get notified for. WHY!
  4. People tagging people who are not in picture. WTF, why?
  5. Couples posting PDA messages to each other. Ugh
  6. Marriage pics where no one invited you or you didn't go.
  7. Honeymoon pics. Why should anyone else give a fuck about your honeymoon?
  8. Baby pics suck, cuz only a mother can love that face
  9. Vacation pics! Yeah, you went on a vacation, stop showing off!
  10. People checking in at different shitty places
  11. People pimping their blogs on Facebook
  12. People pimping their business on Facebook
  13. People pimping their political opinions on Facebook
  14. People sending game requests for a game you played only once
  15. People posting three year old jokes to appear witty
  16. Advertisements that look like posts from your friends
  17. Chat. If I wanted to talk to you, I'll do that in person.
  18. The stalkers liking pictures from 2009. DA FUCK?
  19. Strange privacy options that you just can't figure out
  20. People asking for Likes on their whatever pics
  21. People asking why you unfriended them when you meet them in real life
I just looked over these reasons and realized that I hate all kinds of things that people do on Facebook. 

I am off to delete my account.

Fuck facebook