Oct 1, 2013

What should *i* blog about?

TL; DR Write whatever the fuck you want.

The Long Version
The first ever blog I made was in 2003 on a very simple website called Blurty.com. That blog is still there and no I am not going to tell you the address. For me, it is a reminder of where I've come from and I often go back to that blog to read the posts that were simply horrendous and in complete disregard of some of the rules of blogging that I follow here (I follow rules, heh, who'd have thought).

So, what did I blog about back then? 

Who the fuck cares? I don't. Really, most of that shit is just cryptic ramblings of a person has been exiled from his only home and thrown in a new environment without any safety of parents, a place he knows or friends. It was a confusing time and so were those blog posts. So be it.

So, how does that relate to now?

That relates to now in the sense that none of us can see the future, (I talked about this some posts back, you can scroll down after you're done reading), BUT, the beauty of time is that all of us can see the pastas long as we manage to remember it. 

And to remember it, we must catalog it. And nothing is better than writing about it to maintain a steady/unsteady log of whatever is happening right now, so that you can reference to it in future.Your memory will fail you in future. That's guaranteed. Do you remember what you ate for lunch on 1 October, 2012? or how you were feeling? or what nice, awesome or terrible thing happened to you? You probably don't, UNLESS you wrote it down in a blog, a diary or on a wall with the blood of your enemies.

Coming back to the question, "What should I write about?"

The answer is that I don't give a fuck what you write about. You should not either. Just write whatever the fuck you want. No one cares. Your blog is not a newspaper that people will read and write angry letters to the editor about. Write about your day, the weather, three nice things, or 100 nice things that happened to you today, keep a gratitude journal, keep a journal of your evil megalomaniac schemes to take over the world, or whatever.

And you should do it because your time is fleeting, and when you're older it's fun to remember.

That's all for now. Tomorrow, maybe I'll talk about the HOW of writing. Or not.

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