May 17, 2008

Love At Second Sight

The first time I saw her she was just another girl. I could have passed her in the market, on a train, on a traffic light or anywhere else in the world, I just would not have paid any attention. Not for the first time. But the second time was a completely different story.

The second time I saw her, I fell in love with her. Just because of a scar, a moon shaped crescent on her right cheek, that made me long for her, to be near her, to see her fall asleep and look at her all night long, to lick that flesh wound that had just healed.

Oh, you will think that I am a weirdo but let me explain the meanderings of my tiny heart.

I knew I was seeing her for the second time because she stopped and noticed me when she was coming out of the liquor store. I stood there in the harsh street light and she patted me on the head and called me a name as she passed me by. The outline of a bottle of Absolut clear in her handbag.

For me, it was Absolut Love.

So, I did the only thing that came naturally to such an affectionate gesture. I followed her. I ran after her car as she drove like a maniac and I knew Mr. Absolut was already up and about inside that metal box with wheels. She reached her home and staggered out of her car and I was at the door of her house before she got out of the vehicle. She looked down at me, smiled, opened the door and let me in.

Soon, she was drunk and as I sat at her feet nibbling at left over chicken wings, she told me the story of how some bastard had hit her in the face with a beer bottle and given her that scar. I listened to her all night long and gave her my best puppy dog look with my big doggy eyes and my wagging doggy tail. I could see it her eyes that she loved it.

And when she fell asleep on her table, I licked her scar.

For added understanding of this story, please scroll down and read Shitty Dreams :)
Anybody observing what's going on?
Or am I the only one who knows what the fuck I'm doing?
Lemme know...


  1. well we understand that you are a dog...dont worry we are on the same page:P

  2. interesting...

  3. puppy love eh?

    ever read 'Fluke' by James Herbert? It's the story of a dog who thinks he's a man - or a man who thinks he's a dog....

    I think you'd like it. Not the usual Herbert stuff.

  4. Im glad to revisit and find you in an even better disposition. N is devising a twist..WE LIKE

  5. IG...

    Same page, different book ;)


  6. DD...

    you forgot to type very extremely fantastically- interesting.

    Come on where else on the web would you get to read shit like this?



  7. MSP...

    puppy love, doggy style ;)

    Fluke was that you have mentioned it, that book demands a re-read :P


  8. Z...

    With the frequency of your visits...i think i'll be on the bestseller list in the next 20 visits :P are always welcome here girl~! :)