Nov 7, 2007

A Thousand Elephants - 2

Sector pulled the needle out of his chest, clean white plastic grinned back at him. The black liquid somewhere in his body's engine rushed and gushed through his veins. His hand dropped the syringe as he fell forward. Something held out two appendages to break Sector's fall. Two more tentacle like things rushed forward and clasped Sector's body in a tight embrace. A dribble of spit rolled from his lips and his eyes went back in his skulls showing only whites.

"Any second now..." said a voice from the darkness.

As if on a cue Sector screamed, and screamed and screamed. Somewhere inside his head he stood in bright sunlight of an African jungle. Herds upon herds of wild African elephants stampeded upon him. He lay battered and broken in the bright torturous sunlight and started to count.

What seemed like an afternoon tea and biscuit party in Hell to Sector took only one minute and 23 seconds of his life in the club. Hands, tentacles and unmentionable things from the darkness helped him up.

"We hope you didn't take our little welcome, to heart." said a voice colder than the ice in the morgue in the back room of A Thousand Elephants. Sarcasm dripped from the words like ice cream melting from a cone in sahara. Amazingly the voice was convincing and the cockroach of fear in Sector's mind sniffed the air for any hint of a good time.

"You people always miss the heart." he smiled at the darkness and headed for the bar. The bar man slammed a glass full of a greenish black liquid in front of him. A small fin surfaced in the glass and dipped back under the surface. Sector picked the glass and drained it in one go.

Then he chewed.


"Gud shtuff dis" he told the bartender, who grinned back, he had only one teeth and looking into the barman's grinning face was like staring into an endless void. The worse part was that it stared back at you.

Sector ordered another glass of Shark Vod, it stirred itself.

The night moved on, making love to humanity, as millions lived, died, stayed alive, and in a small bar called 'A Thousand Elephants' another man who entered started to count.

I had fun writing this, I hope you had fun reading this. What did you think about this story? Do let me know ;)



  1. It was fantastic!! As always. And I'm glad to see you doing stories again, although your poetry does serve as a delicious appetizer between story-meals... ;)

  2. Hi Nothingman,
    A fabulous ending. The words went deep into my heart so i say it once again-

    "You write wonderfully!"

  3. Great opening line.
    BTW - Thanks for the advice about the banner on my blog. :)

  4. Worth reading just for: "Sector ordered another glass of Shark Vod, it stirred itself."

    You have a wonderfully twisted imagination Nothingman. The fact that you enjoyed writing it shines out when reading it. thanks for the reflected fun! :-)

  5. good story,like the style. :)

  6. Wickedly fantastic. Good to have you posting again.

  7. yikes! i feel like i jus got trampled by those elephants... nw wat wudnt i do to get my hands on tht shark vod?? heehee.. gr8 job dude!

    love.. tcz

  8. Goddess, I can see so many of your stories at full length - nice one.

  9. Hi Nothingman,
    I'm back once again to inform you that I've tagged you on my blog to do a meme. For further information follow this link:
    Hope you do the meme soon!

  10. Aunt Jackie...

    Appetizers between meals...yum, now that raises some images! ;)


    Thanks Meghna, you are no less yourself i tell you, keep writing!

    Welcome to the blog, hope you stick around, we might be offering fubar designs in future ;)

    Jon M...
    Now only if bartenders were this imaginative! Shark Vods, should i file for a patent? ;)

    I like yours too ;)


    I was aiming for something lesser :P

    Thanks mate! i'll try be regular-ar-ar :)

    Be glad you haven't been to Trillion Mammoths! Shark Vods are of course available at Thousand Elephants, just go there and say i sent ya ;)

    You know the scary thing, so can I ;)

    Will do buddy, on the poem blog though :)

    Cheers all!!

    Rock on!


  11. Whahaha. Another Lovecraftian.
    *Shakes Hands*

    And yes. Mr. Sadist knows a lot of HTML and CSS.
    And Javascript. :P

  12. Nice - but sound like you have a "thing" for sharks. :-)