Feb 4, 2007

"Fallout - One Alone"

Sam sat near the edge of the crater the missile had created.

His clothes smoldered to bare threads.

The hair on his body, burnt to ashes.

His coffee, vaporized.

The white wires of his iPod earplugs stuck to his skin like two grotesque veins extending from a frankestinean corpse. He scratched his now bald head where a few minutes ago his hair used to be. The radiation was starting to tingle. He scratched himself a bit more.

He looked inside the crater where the vapors of his black coffee were acquainting themselves with the radiation.

"I hate laser guided nuclear missiles." he said in disgust.

He wanted to get up and make a move but he knew it would be a while before his energy returned. The others had to be contacted. He knew they were out there somewhere.

He sat for a few moments by the edge of the Crater, naked, poisoned with radiation, without music and without his black coffee.

Life, was just great.

So much for being an immortal.

Did the world really end?

We don't think so!
More madness coming your way.

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Relax, we got it all under control ;)


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  2. hmmmmm waiting n watching...the tingling sensations building up...the first one looks good man...

  3. Oskar....

    Dude,...tingling sensation?? damm and I have't even started the ;);) parts of the story.
    thnks for reading man :)


  4. his coffee... lol. that was a great image. I really like this one. even if I started at the top and worked my way down.

    This is great Nothingman, truely great.