Oct 14, 2008

The Wrap Up


Seven stories, seven days, and lot of madness. Heck, I loved doing this. Made a lot of new friends here, yes, I mean You. We are friends now. You brought this upon yourself, and now this blog will hound you, you will check here multiple times a day to look for new stories and you will exult (woo! what does THAT word mean?) when you find a new story and you will ..umm not exult (again!) when there are no updates. And you will tell all your friends that you have found a cool and superawesome blog, and you will link to this blog and leave a note so that the blog can keep track of what naughty things you have been up to on your blogs.

Right. Enough quasi-subliminal messages in one post.

But, girls and guys, it's been a wonderful one week of getting in front of the laptop every night and writing something new, and then getting your awesome feedback during the day, it's been wonderful,really.

I might even start doing weekly writing runs every month based on the feedback that I got. Not every week, because, frankly the medium of blogging is its own enemy. Every time a new post is up, the old posts are pushed down and then they are a part of the history that has less and less chance of getting read. While some might dig the archives, but how many?

Anyway, I write, and I hope there will always be someone to read!

Ok, I am digressing here.

Now I forgot what I wanted to write here, yeah, first thanks to all for reading, and double thanks for leaving comments. Regular, slightly longer stories will continue after I take a breather of a day, or two.

Yeah, well that's about it. If you got a question for me, then now is as good a time as any to ask it. Any suggestions, comments, offers for publication, death threats, poo parcels, books, comics, money are also welcome.

If you are looking for more of the my writing, you can check out my poems at Poetry, and you can check out rancid wrong and fucked up opinions at The Fucked Up ( This blog is adults only and NSFW[that is Not Safe For Work], if you do not have an open mind and you comment there, I will be as rude as possible and tell you the things you can do to your body openings with a chainsaw and a flamethrower)

And with that, we say goodnight, godbless and may the sun shine brighter for you today (:



  1. /me starts the drum roll! yay babyy, 1 week full of new stories was awesome. I pinged links all the way around :D

  2. QB...thanks for making this blog popular in offices of the world :D

    Jadis...thanks to ya girl...umm \mm/



  3. that was one great week!!! i'm now waiting for next month...to...umm...what's that word, exult???

  4. Some great stories Nman, the monthly thing sounds good but do it when it's fun and the muse hits you! :-)

  5. nothing man....you are a good storyteller...okay strike that you are a shitkickin story teller..lil typo I guess...you are a horn twistin, gut wrenching, kidney throbbin' story teller!!
    good job!!\m/

    Scribblers Inc.

  6. The interesting things that follow an effort.
    Rock on!

  7. oi vay, looks like missed out on the action when it was fresh bloody ell!
    Och Nothingman, nothing new to say, and to be cliched to the point of being mind-numbingly boring, keep up the good work.
    Ha! that's so dumbass it actually sounds good!