Oct 6, 2008

A Simple Announcement

This week, 6th to 12th October, we put the blog's name to test. It says A Story A Day. Everyday? Maybe not. But, let's do it for this one week. For old time's sake.

So, bring your friends, tell all you care to tell about, grab the RSS feed, bookmark us, just don't miss it. 

Right...as I realise I suck at making any kind of announcement, so I will put it down in simple terms. I am going to write seven stories, unrelated to each other, everyday on this blog for the next week. There. That is simple. First story in less than 24 hours. Be here or be the equal sided rectangular thigie.

See ya!



  1. yay! it was about time...we be waiting!

  2. finally, its time you followed the blog title! :)