Oct 7, 2008

Death of a Coffee Machine

Friends! Fellows! Enemies! and Office Assholes!

With great regret the management informs you that our beloved coffee machine passed away on the night of October 6, 2008.

What a great run it has been, for 5 years, 6 months and 7 days the great coffee machine served us with coffee that was lighter and sweeter than the water from office cooler.

And for years, we have cursed and tried to enjoyed the taste of the 'brilliant' coffee from the machine. While some say the coffee machine was murdered, or by natural causes it died, while a great number maintain that it was


But guess what? After examining the corpse of the machine, the Doctor Mechanic informed us that all this time, the coffee bags in the machine


plugged into

the tea powder.


I wonder, why does the coffee at my office taste funny. Like something died inside the coffee machine and I am drinking brown machine piss thickened and filtered through a dead thing's corpse. Maybe, today the coffee in your mug will taste a bit different.

And, for people in or out of love, tomorrow's story--"The Fuck"


  1. EEEughh! Put me right off that has!:-)

  2. Fuck!! U wont be getting good coffee anymore. That sucks man! *wink*
    "coffee that was lighter and sweeter than the water from office cooler."


  3. Yeooowww!!! These words will ring in my ears whenever I go to the coffee machine :|

    Arrghh! :P

  4. My first visit to your space. Read all your posts, some scarry ones. You do let your steam off by saying what you feel. Hope you are getting good coffee now. LOL.

    Take care

  5. Jon...makes me want to throw the coffee downt the drain too :)

    Jadis...happens all over the offices :P

    Jevvs...ha ha, unless I go to barista or CCD ;)

    Priya...not a coffee person i guess ;)

    QB...amen to that! :D

    NiceGuy...hey, if i don't vent my feelings, who will? ;)

    Thanks all!!


  6. Whahahaha. xD

    Try some good tea then and carry your own tea bags. *grins*