Oct 9, 2008

Love Car

The band kicked the show into high gear with the fourth song, "In Your Love Car We'll Ride To Hell".

The crowd sang along and just as the song reached its crescendo, a pink limousine crashed from nowhere bang into pentagram drawn into the center of the stage.

Bewildered, the band looked on as the door of the big car opened, swirling black smoke dispersing from the inside of the car to reveal a thick set man in a black overcoat, a hat shadowed his eyes, and a sliver of light shone on his sharp teeth that shone like blades.

The driver of the car smiled at the band members and said, "Let's go kids. The Darklord sent his Love Car to receive you guys."

The crowd went wild.


This was written with the idea of keeping it under 100 words and still reaching some kind of conclusion. Indeed, a conclusion it is, the crowd just wants a show, even if the performers are getting fucked by a psycho demon on the stage. Ah, another day, another story. Tomorrow, two people, making lov...no, having sex.



  1. Oh!
    Did i tell you that you are to start teaching me story-writing ASAP?


  2. @sakshi: are you sure it can be taught? gimme a link to your blog when you're feeling ready :)

    @nothingman: nice!!! prefer your longer stories though. just forget about the length and let the words flow.

  3. NM: what's the deal with sticking to word lengths? The last time I checked, we came out of essay writing classes long time back! Nice story :)

  4. ride to hell in the dark lord's car? dang! must be cool!
    but pink limousine?? dude thats fucked up! :D


  5. Tomorrow, two people, making lov...no, having sex.

    Haha sure sure keep with the stereotypes.
    You missed beer, guns and fast cars

    Who gives a crap, i like. HA!

  6. Sakshi...whaaa? no you didn't tell me. In case you got a soul to sell, i might be intrested :)

    Kris...she is pretty sure it can be taught, and she got a kick ass blog already. oh and about word length, anyone can write a 600 word essay, its tougher to write in 100 words or less:) I'll let it flow soon ;)



  7. QB...ha ha ha, well, word limit is just a way to keep the 'story' tight and strong, frankly longer pieces tend to bore me, so I write as long as I'd read.

    And, if this was a 600 piece story, I bet 9 people out of 10 would just skim through it :)

    thanks for the comment!


  8. Jadis...poor and soon to be fucked up bad dudes :P

    Jevvs...hey pink limos are cool :D pink and black is cooler!!

    Kartik...we type the stereotypes man...heck, i think i have sterotyped myself LOL :)
    thanks for the feedback man! and its Vodka/Rum/Whisky season now man!~

    Rock N Roll!!!


  9. lot of man there man, we need more babes on this blog h aha ha

  10. ROFL DAMMIT! Those guys are in soooooo much trouble!

    Lovely, lovely! 100 words, yeah that's super tight, but I can't point out a single thing that this story lacks.

    All hail the mini-God of flash stories.

  11. I would like to know what a pink limousine looks like. :O
    Also, did it appear out of nowhere ONTO the pentagram, or did it crash THROUGH the pentagram coming from down to UP on stage?

    Loved the story. Though somehow, I feel visually challenged. You should furnish your posts with pictures [For your disabled audience =] ]