Oct 11, 2008


The two boys stood outside the barred gates and smoked cigarettes with their backs to the big castle wall slowly cooling in the evening sun. One boy kicked at the gate, and the chains holding it rattled like iron snakes. 

"They had an angel in there once." said the elder boy.

"What happened to her?"

"They freed her into the world."


"Cuz' she was going to have babies."

"Ha, kidding me again, are you?"

"Nah, mum told me herself"



"Hey guess what? Last one to reach home is a fuddu."

The boy ran, spreading his wings, and took a mighty leap into the evening sky. 

"Oi, not fair, you got a head start!" complained the other boy as he spread his own wings and chased after his brother.


When you reach the last word and still don't get it, well, read it again from the beginning. :) If still there is confusion, then I guess the title should make it clear. Oh, what am I saying, you all are intel enough to figure it out on your own, aren't you? ;)

For tomorrow, and the last of these seven (unrelated) tales, is not quite a story, more like a monologue, but I can assure you, it's interesting :)

Thanks for the comments everyone, really makes it worth checking my email 60 times a day!


  1. Gave me goosebumps!! This one did!!! Beautiful, N! Your best in quite a while. :) The whole grey-rusted-gates-and-gothic-brickwork-picture this one conveyed was utterly and indescribably..erm..PUNCH!!
    Loved it!!!

  2. Jadis...

    Goosebumps! Heck, reading it again, even I feel the same :P LOL.

    thanks for liking it :)

    I bet you gonna love what is coming tomorrow! :D


  3. I like it. I like it.
    But what is it about?
    The two guys are angels and angels cant have babies? Really?? They are banished to our poor poor wretched world? :O [I wanted to be one but am not so sure anymore..no babies?]

    No really, What?
    Thanks for the revelation that am not inti. I still heart you and you continue to be on my blogroll.
    Yeah..i theenk.


  4. this is the best so far in the 6 stories! :D

    PS: So erm...how are baby angels born? :|

  5. I love your stuff.
    Like you are sort of letting us peek into some fantastical world of magical events. The weird part is that these events all seem so darn familiar....
    Rock on

  6. Revelation of the day: Angels smoke cigarettes.

    No, seriously, I like it! It's kind of hard to surprise me, and you did, quite effectively.

  7. dude...a story a day seems a bit too much for me...it's like taking another pull on a bong when i'm already smashed...space em out, and i'll enjoy your stories longer :D

  8. @Sakshi...nice question. Angels can have babies. Pretty sure of that. These two were banished here, cuz mommy dearest fell for human daddy. Tanks for hearting me :P


  9. QB...

    best in the six! Awesome!:)

    Baby angels are born when daddy angel "seeds" mommy angel. Who said angels can't have babies! :P


  10. Rex...

    love your own stuff man! LOL! heh, see this all seems familiar cuz its all happening.




  11. Emma...

    Angels get drunk and do hard drugs too :)


    chill man, we are going irregular soon :P hey, you can always come back after a few days and read the regular stories :P

    Shmoo...Your icon is funny. Very funny.

    Cheers! and thanks ALL!!:)


  12. Trust mothers to never say anything directly. xP Even if they're angels. Hehe. Good story N!

  13. Seriously your commets and uir replies are better than hentai, uh do angels watch hentai???
    Perhaps I'm one of them. Lolfl