Oct 6, 2008


We walk in the shadows. The world around us shrouded in the dark from aeons of sin that mankind has committed on Mother Earth. And in the darkness, we rip at the seams of the world that once used to be our hunting ground. Few souls remain now. And just two of us. Just me and Jodie are enough for killing all the humans and these worthless shits don't have a chance in heaven of getting us like they got the rest of our kind.

Right Jodie?





Short and deadly. That's how we roll. Tomorrow, a coffee machine dies.

One down, six to go.


  1. Nice one Nman! Almost felt sorry for the evil creature of darkness...almost!

  2. nothingman strikes again :D

    don't kill a coffee machine please!!!! :(

  3. Bang!


    And no, i didnt come from that fuck-poetry blog dear dear sod. I read *this* before that poem and am commenting after having done the same there.

    Why the fuck am i writing all this?
    Good ishtory.
    Keep 'em coming.

  4. Jon...sir, he wasn't a good runner like you ;)

    Jadis...woops! I hope it didn't hit hard ;)

    QB...hey, I have been striking for almost 2 and half years now :P LOL sorry abt the coffee machine, you are welcome to the wake ;)

    Sneha...what is it with girls going Wham bang on my blog? LOL.
    Ah, if you want stories, we got them, all week :)

    Just stay tuned!